Michigan Salmon help.

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  1. I've been invited to a lodge near the banks of the Little Manistee River October 11-13th. I have never been salmon fishing. What kind lures, bait, rods, etc. Pretty much any info will be helpful. Thanx
  2. I have never fished the rivers that time of year, I'm usually bowhunting. A good friend of mine is fishing in that area this weekend and I will see what I can find out from him.

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    Depending on how you want to do it. Are you going to be wading? If so a good Fly rod works well. You can use a spinning rod if you would like with inline spinners, rooster tails and such.
    That time of year, most of the salmon will be gone and the ones in the river will be of the dieing kind. You will probably see all kinds of fish floating. Hopefully not, because the fish this year a little behind schedule.
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    I use pretty much the same rig we use for walleye at the maumee. Basically a walleye river rig on steroids! I would set up with 10# main line I use stren use a 3-4’ on 8# maxima leader tie a #6 egg hook (red) and a spawn bag from pappy's store in Wellston hot pink or orange, using 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 egg sinkers (the usual suspects). If snags are a problem I use a 3-way and put a droper off your three way 6” long and use 2 # 4 split shot on it. Bottem bouncing this rig has been far and away my most productive lure, but that could be because I'm used to fishing this way. I have also had luck in the predawn hours with a "little cleo" spoon 1/4oz orange or when it's still dark glow colored. A buddy of mine did well last year with a drennon float and a mini foo jig like for steelhead, but I still got most of mine bottom bouncing . The longer the leader the better.

    As for a rod
    I go every year, but only once a year so I have never wanted to spend much on a rod I use only 2-3 days a year. I've tried a cabela's 8' salmon rod but it was a poolcue to cast, a buddy of mine has a 10' noodle rod that he likes.. presonally I use a 7' uglystick-light that I had in the garage since the first year that they came out. It works good is cheap and replacable. short enough to cast and limber enough fo hard runs.

    If you need any info on specific places to fish seed me a PM thanks,
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    Use a ugly stick or Ugly stick light rod at least 9-12ft. long on a 4000 size spinning reel or larger. You will need at least 14-17lb. main line so the spool needs to be large and hold lots of line for long speedy runs. Penn, Okuma, and Quantum reels with solid gears and that are properly sealed. Whenever u fish rivers theres a good chance your reel will get wet and that will decrease preformence on most brands.
    The reel should also be very sturdy. We had 2 Pfluger reels almost break@ the T-bar last year. I broke down and bought a nice combo from one of the local shops there...was only $120 for a really nice graphite salmon/steelhead rod and a QUANTUM CATALYST INSHORE PT35.

    Make sure your r&r are comfortable and ballanced (you may need to weigh the butt of the rod down with babbit/lead so you get good tip lift. This will make fishing all day way more enjoyable and productive.

    FISH ON!
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    Hey DOEGIRL(JEN). Are you from Columbus?? You look familiar.

    If you need tackle suggestions just pm me or wait until you arrive.
    The local shops will have the most productive stuff used in that area.
    Salmon/steelhead terminal tackle is usually inexpensive.
  7. The little Man is loaded with Wood, and the current is fast! You will lose 60% of the salmon you hook! 9' Rod Ugly stick is your best bet! Live bait is going to be key, and spawn sacs. Dont transport any fish eggs back to Ohio from MI due to VHS. If you can turn a mudshark away from the wood in the first run they are yours. Dont feel that you have to land every king you hook cause it wont happen! I have stopped fishing for kings just because it not my thing anymore. You should have fun. If your wading the current is fast and heavy! Dont cross anywhere where you cant see the bottom! The water up there is gin clear, and respect the current! Have fun! sorry to make my points in this manner, but its not a walk in the park up there!
  8. Hi Mitch: Yes, it's me (Jennifer). Sorry, I didn't reply to your PM, I just forgot to do so:( . It's sounds like my main steelhead rod might do the trick: St.Croix 9' med/fast action with a Shimano Sedona 4000 series reel. Just need to respool with some stouter mono. Of course, there's been more than one vote for an Ugly Stik rod, I might have to look into getting one.;) That's a very good idea to wait on the terminal tackle until I actually get up there. Thanx again!
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    Hey Jennifer...i thought that was u:p
    Glad to see your still 'stepping outside'
    Keep in touch![​IMG]

    I look forward to my NY salmon trip every fall cause there aint nothing like a screamin king!! Your St. Croix will probably get the job done unless its really stiff. Those salmon run hella hard and you need the flexibility of a ugly stick to obsorb the shock and keep the hook from pulling out. I think they run around $55-65 and they can take the abuse of a big fish. I also have the sedona 4000 but just dont trust it when the going gets ruff.
    From my experience a wet Shimano is taboo....

    Good luck and make sure someone holds onto you when your first king decides too blast off!!:B :C :B