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Michigan ice

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by TxTransplant, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. TxTransplant

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  2. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    We have a small group heading up to Hubbard Lake to fish Feb 5-9.

    It is a deep water, VERY clear water, walleye and perch fishery.

    I have ice fished it 3 times with good success.

    The walleye are not huge. There is a 15" length limit and a 5 fish daily limit. Average walleye will be around 17-20" with a few smaller and a few larger. The largest I have caught or seen on the camera were in the 22-25" range.

    The perch fishery is really two fisheries. There is one section of the lake that has a bunch of 8-12" perch and then there are the smaller nomadic schools roaming the deeper water and these perch are HUGE. 15" 2lb perch are common in the deeper water.

    Each time I have fished this lake before there has been 20+" of ice and we drove our trucks out on the ice to fish. If you have never done this before this is a pucker factor of 10. I now have purchased an ATV just for transport out on the lake. You need some transport, it is at a minimum a mile from the access points to reach the areas most fish.

    There will be at least 40 permanent shanties and bunches of trucks out on this lake every weekend fishing.

    The Baitstore we always used, EastBay Outfitters, burned down around 3 weeks ago. He always had shanties for rent for around $25 per day. I don't know if he will still have them out this year or not, but I will find out.

    There are a couple of places that rent cabins, plus there is a little hotel, Hubbard Lake Motel that is on the North end of the lake that has reseasonable rates. This is a cash only hotel, no credit cards.

    There may be better places to go in MI to fish, I don't really know. I do know that I catch my limit of eyes each day I'm there and a couple of those big perch a trip just to keep it interesting. I have not targeted the perch, only the eyes.

    We did not go last year because of 18" of snow on top of 14-16" of ice and water and slush on top. This lake is about 7 hrs from Columbus

    The other area is Lake St. Clair. They fish this lake just a little ways North of Detroit. They walk out from some public ramps and from a couple a pay fee private ones and fish for JUMBO perch. They had a great year last year. This is a very shallow, 3-6 ft, very clear water fishery. It's also very hit and miss, many of these guys move 10 times a morning. It's shallow water, very clear, very spooky fish, but they do catch some very nice 10-13" perch in good numbers. This is actually close enough to walk out to, 1/2 mile. There is always the problem with this area of being blown out into the lake. A west or SW wind can break of the ice and send you floating, it happens to some of them every year.

    This is about a 4 hr drive from columbus

    The Saginaw river is big walleye fishery. The walks to the fishing areas are very easy and close. When the fish are in the river it is numbers and big fish time. They have contests for the biggest walleye " Shiver in the River" each year, it takes something in the 13 lb range to win and at least 10 lbs to even place. Rapalas and jigging spoons with the size based upon the current are the choices. One of the more popular areas is the spot right behind Hooters, not sure why.

    I fished this twice and caught walleye each time but did not catch any of any size when I was there. I caught 25-30 short fish.

    Saginaw is about 5-6 hrs from Columbus.

    Just letting you know what little I know

  3. TxTransplant

    TxTransplant Fishin Fool!

    Thanx for the heads up Lundy! Any Trees marking the spots up there? ;)

  4. Hey Lundy, Do you want any tag alongs on your trip to Hubbard? I have a snowmobile fully equiped for Ice fishing, 10" Strikemaster Power auger, vex 18 and Aquaview. Also a Clam Voyager that I pull behind the snowmobile. If Erie doesn't Ice up, I may be looking for a back up plan. Was also looking into Houghton.
  5. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I am making plans for our small group of my son, etc.

    Everyone is welcome to come on up and fish while we are there and I'll try to help you out if I can.

    I tried to organize a group for going up last year and it became a NIGHTMARE!!!!.

    I'll help anyone, anyway I can, I just don't want to be involved in the details this year, other than my little, easy, simple, group.

    I will be reachable by cell or radio out on the lake to assist anyone with locations etc. This is a VERY clear water, deep 45-55ft, fishery. Rapala's and jigging spoons work well. Vib-e's in low light. Cameras work great.

    I'll post some links and information later today for anyone wanting to make arrangements to come up.

    There is also an outing on Hubbard that same weekend by some members of a MI fishing site.
  6. Sounds great and were ready for a new adventure, lake st. claire is a no go right now, they have 2'' of ice in the canals and NO safe ice on the lake. :(
  7. hey Lundy the trip sounds great i would like to go i live near toledo all of my fishing buddies do not ice fish i've been looking for some hard water fishing buddies call me with the details my phone number is (419)662-8080.
  8. will plan on the 6th, walleye hunter sounds like were neighbors hope to see ya there. Let us know where to go and how to get there.
  9. hey hiddenlake i have my boys on the weekend so if i go it would be on the week days i'll take some vacation time. we should get together around here some weekend and try our luck. when the ice is thick enough i go down to findlay res. and catch pan fish i don't do to bad down there.