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Michelin vs Bridgstone? Opinions Please

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Matt63, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Matt63


    My 2014 Durango is needing new tires P265 50 R20 at 45K I think I have it narrowed down to either Michelin Defender LTX or Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza both all seasons I've read good and bad reviews online but thought I would come to my trusted source here. Either way I will be spending about $1000.00 on them. I'm hoping to get more miles out of these than the OE.
    Sorry for not posting this in the car and truck section thought I would get more response here.
    PS If you have any other brands your loyal to lay it on me.

    Thanks for any and all opinions Matt
  2. Whichever you choose, check out TIRERACK.COM , I buy mine from them and have them shipped to my local car shop for installation. Don't pay for expedited freight as their normal shipping is usually 2 days.........
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  3. ress


    Goodyear Wrangler came on the Durango when new. I have bought two sets of GY in the past year. First for my Ram and the second for our Acadia. I got 65k miles from the Acadia's first set.
    For my Ram I got the Goodyear with Kevlar. Got them on a year ago and they are great. I got them on a GY credit card. 12 months same as cash. Free life time rotation and 5% of service done at a GY repair shop. The Acadia tires we got in January. It was 6 months same as cash. Look at for local tire shops in your area.
  4. Have Michelin on my Suburban... 100,000 miles. Front tire had leak. Went to get it repaired and the Tire place wouldnt repair it because the tires were more then ten years old. Didnt know it, but there is a date stamped on the tire. So take that for what its worth....If I could have afoarded it, I'd bought more Michelins istead of what I had to buy...
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  5. In 06 I bought a Honda Ridgeline which came with Michelin tires. At 99,000 miles I replaced the tires. I thought better stay with those Michelins. I sold the truck a few years later to my sister-in-law. It now has 97,000 on the 2nd set.
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  6. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but I will say that, in general, OE tires are crap! Don't know why. It's like the tire companies make an inferior model that they sell in bulk to car manufacturers!
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  7. Matt63


    Ress mine didn’t come with Goodyear but I can't remember what they are at this minute. Some Japanese name.

    BB I agree buy in bulk better price = more profit.
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  8. So when I last looked at tires I priced and reviewed them all. I needed a high speed rated/performance tire. I ended up with generals but the Michelin was a very close second. Not sure if it was a sales pitch but the OE set of Goodyear's were decent. When I told the tire place I wanted a price on the same model they claimed that the even though the oe sets and aftermarket may contain the same name, the car manufacturer put on those tires with the same name but the compounds are different and will often wear much quicker than the aftermarkets of the same name in order to meet the car manufacturers desire in that tire, ie, gas mileage, quiteness of ride etc. Not sure if it was true or not. I found it hard to believe but the staff insisted it was true even after I says that sounds crazy;
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  9. This truck and last truck I ran good Michelin tires. Got between 85 and 95,000 per set.
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  11. Matt63


    Thanks erie rider good read although it sounds like a training session like the ones I heard years ago when I was wrenching at midas mufflers.
  12. What is the purpose of your tires? Are you an off road guy? Performance? Durability? Traction? Theres tires for everything nowadays.
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  13. Matt63


    All season no off roading
    for this vevicle
  14. fastwater

    fastwater "My grace is sufficient for you"

    Michelins have always been a good tire for me when it comes to street tires.
    Great ride and handling, low road noise and they wear well.
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  15. JamesF


    I have had good results with the Firestone destination 2, used to be destination l e. Michillin tires at the top of the list a little pricey, Cooper tires are a waste of money,they came on the vehicle when I bought it. Hit a pothole, and blew out a most the entire sidewall.
  16. Have always run Michillin and never no problems..
  17. Goodyear with Kevlar may be worth a look if they have your size, I have had good luck with them on my pickups.
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  18. I've never cared for Goodyear & Michelins seemed to soft. I also go through I use Firestone Destination AT's on my truck & suv. Lots of guys at work have them also. Good price & great tire. Check them out on Tirerack.
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  19. My experience over time with Duelers is that they are noisier and the ride isn't as good as Michelins. The duelers traction reduces considerably when the tires reach 50% wear. I once bought a set of duelers from NTB and they offered a free replacement if you weren't happy. I didn't even get home until I turned around and went back to exchange them for Michelins. Every divider on the road sounded like someone banging on a 55 gallon drum.
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  20. G.lock


    How many miles a year do you drive?
    Most people buy tires by the miles but tires have a manufacturer date for a reason. The compound breaks down over time and becomes hard(noisey" and looses traction. Remember the Paul Walker accident? That was mostly caused by old tires(speed, tricky car handling, etc.).
    I drive a truck and a little two seater, rarely putting more than 7-8 thousand miles on each a year, so when I get tires on my truck I buy a mid grade tire because it will age out before it wears out. My car gets a soft grippy tire that rarely lasts 20k but boy does it hold the road!
    Tires are greatly degraded at seven years, regardless of miles.
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