Michael Vick?

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  1. Wow....What can we say about this guy. Honestly he shouldn't be allowed back into the NFL if convicted of his crime with dog fighting.

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    I dont know if I would go as far as saying that he should be banned from the NFL but maybe he should be put in a ring and have to fight to his death. If convicted he should get some time in jail but my guess would be a year or less!

  3. Make him fight a few dogs, and he must be on all fours and only use his mouth. If he wins, reduce his punishment in the NFL.
  4. I love that idea!:D

    If convicted he could very well get more than a year out of it. I think they said he could get up to 6 years but we all know how celebrities find a way to reduce charges. Personally I think that the NFL penalty should go beyond whatever he gets from the judge. If the judge gives him a year then the NFL gives him two. There is nothing that says that the NFL has to treat him as nicely as any judge may choose to do.

    If the Falcons are fortunate enough to sever ties with him (assuming he serves an extended suspension) then I am not sure who will want him. Not only do you have all of the off-field issues but then you have a QB who has been out of the game for a period of time which would certainly set him back. And in my opinion he was overrated to start with.
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    I think he should get a matching penalty. If he gets lets say 18 month's in jail then he should get suspended for 18 month's and it starts after he is released from Jail.that mean he would be out of the league for three years and out of everyone's mind and for all intensive purposes be out of football for ever
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    He should definately be punished if found guilty! However this was not job related and should not effect his job. If this was the fact how many of you would have lost your jobs due to stupid things you have done in the past? We all make mistakes, but to take someones livelyhood away is just ridiculous.
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    I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure if I went to the pen I would not have this job when I got out.
  8. The NFL has an image to maintain and if they let these thugs do whatever they want then they will lose all sorts of fan base.

    Suspending him would not take away the ability for him to work a job if he needs money (as if that would be the case:rolleyes: ). If someone does not adhere to guidelines set forth by their place of employment then yes the employer has every right to suspend or even fire. If I had a co-worker who was caught for the same offense or drug trafficking, etc. I would expect my employer to drop the hammer on them as well.

    Playing football in the NFL is indeed a privilege and not a right. Privileges need to be earned.
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    Vick hires high profile attorney Billy Martin, and his bext defense in my opinion is setting the record straight, taking his fines and jailtime at a reduced sentence. He's facing some serious charges, more than anything against his character. The articles I've read are disgusting talking about the killing of "unworthy" dogs. My guess is that he will at least be suspended this year, or his jailtime, and possibly banished for good. What happened to the "Role Model" ? It sure isn't him, and there are too many other high profile faces that get this special treatment. I sang hang em high and let them face the charges just as anybody else would.

    Get a real job if everything falls apart, just like the rest of society. Who cares about taking away his livelyhood. He probably has more than most ever even dreaming about seeing and may never have to work again. I'm rooting against Vick this time. Hopefully Goodell sets a standard.
  10. I heard that Vick is going to drop Nike as his shoe contract. He has a new contract with Hush Puppy!
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    I was not going to comment on this thread until I read this reply.

    This one is too funny...thanks for the morning laugh. :D
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    Lock him up and throw away the key. He's just another dipshit !
  13. Guy on the radio this morning said "The bad news is that Michael Vick could be out of football forever. The good news is that I have him in my fantasy dog fighting league."