Miami Whitewater Lake

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  1. anybody fish this much? I hit it once a few weeks ago and got one smaller smallmouth and a bunch of dinky blues and crappie. any tips as to what areas to fish there? i usually just rent a boat and use the oars and set up anchor.
  2. LOTS of people hit that all the time! I bike up there all the time but have only fished it 5 times...not so much as a single bluegill.

    To get into some fish, you gotta get out away from the docks...there's a point by the golf-course that's supposed to be good but I've never gotten out to it. I know I'm not much help but there's my $.02 anyways.

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    I fish the creek a little with UL gear. Lots of small bass and bluegill. I took my 6yo and we walked the bike path to the underpass and caught a bunch of different baitfish and a few bass and bluegill.

    Before they changed the bridge at the inlet of the lake there was a good spot for largemouth. It was pressured pretty heavily though.
  4. this is a great lake take your time and learn this lake it's worth the time!!!
    it has 5lb+ bass 2lb+crappie and BIG cats & carp for fun
    good luck !
  5. I will second that.Bar none this lake is well maintained and supports some healthy fish. Just look at some of the tourny results from this and all park lakes. Hats off to the park district.
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    I won the tournament this past saturday with 8 bass weighing in at 11.57 lbs. It is definitely a good lake. Crappies are easy to catch there with some big ones lurking around also.
  7. Congratulations!!! Same technique as Sharon Woods? As far as baits and presentation.
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    We caught our fish on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and soft plastics.
  9. There is at least one LM that was in here that would go close to 7#'s. Right across from the boat house he likes to swim. Gotta love the stakebeds in this lake too!
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    I saw a guy catch a big one in that spot last fall. I have never done any good there I think I am jinxed. Fish are smarter than me there I only go where the fish are dumb.
  11. I'm with you IMalt...gotta love the dumb ones. Ya got me laughin my butt off.
  12. I just checked the website and saw that they stock trout in there - is there a decent population and how would you go about catching them?

    I didn't see on the website if you could keep fish or not...any insight on that?
  13. I believe you can keep 3 trout per day. They are stocked in early spring and are either caught or die off by the time the water gets warm. They make excellent cut bait for the blue cats in the lake.
  14. Thanks!

    I can see why...they're delicious! :)