MI - Houghton, Higgins or St, Helens

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  1. Anyone ever fished any of these?
  2. We iced fished Houghton 2 years ago. Nothing but a few small gills and small pike. Actuall we ended up going to another smaller lake nearby and at least caught enough crappies for a meal. If its ice fishing you're loooking for hit Presque Isle. Also sent you a PM.

  3. Presque doesn't have ice right now does it?

    I've got 11 days of vacation starting after work saturday and i'm looking to find somewhere to do some icing.
  4. they said a skim of ice on presq. im with ya Z im with ya Z i get laid off all winter so i love to ice fish its just finding where the ice is now haaa. lemme know if you find any
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    were heading to tip-up town last weekend in jan...

    you can also head over to fletchers from higgins/houghton
  6. I've read a few brief reports on Houghton, pretty hit and miss right now.

    How about Lake Intermediate?

    I just read an article on the lake and talked to another who has been on it twice this year and said the perch fishing has been phenomenal, 10" - 14" average!!!! And he said they have crappies up 10 15" - 16"