metzgers teal

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  1. Hunting metzgers marsh for teal in the morning. I would love to see some geese but I have heard no geese have sat down there since the 3rd. Never hunted metzgers opening day for teal, hoping for the best.
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    get there real early,and good luck.. i will be at pikeral creek in the morning.

  3. Hope you do good. There usually are alot of teal there. To many idiots for me shooting anything that comes close. Usually packed on first day. I have had good success on teal in the evening out there also. Not nearly as many hunters in the evening either.
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    pickeral shot pretty good this am.
  5. Did you see any geese?
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    a few flocks came over ,but offered no shots to the main marsh.we were in #15 and struck out . plenty of shooting and saw some limits of BW's at the check station.
  7. You've gotta love the anticipation when you hear the blinds around around putting on a 4th of July display. Too bad none came your way though.

    It seemed to be a nice day to be out.
  8. just finishing up the weekend hunts.
    Metzgers was not a complete zoo Saturday morning like I had expected. I was there at 4am and had the marsh to myself. Only got a couple blue wings and heard very little shooting, only saw one other teal at the ramp. The geese wanted nothing to do with Metzgers. Saw mostly wood ducks, a few mallards, and plenty of cormorants. There is alot more vegetation than last year.