metroparks dog shooting update

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    coppied from another site. Metropark Dog shooting update!
    Talked with a metroparks ranger (high ranking) who was involved in the shooting case from a few weeks ago.

    There will be charges filed formally today against


    NO CHARGES will be filed against the shooter.

    The owner of the Rottweiler will be charged with not having control of his dog, and will be responsible for any medical treatments the other dog received, as well as get a fine for having his dog out of his control on Metropark property.

    The Metroparks rangers decided that the shooter, who had a legal CCW permit acted responsibly by first trying to seperate the dogs, and when it became futile, acted AGAINST THE AGGRESSIVE AND DANGEROUS behavior posed by the Rottweiler to him and his dog.

    sad for the rott owner, because he lost his dog, and will be charged as well,

    but score one for common sense, and CCW owners
  2. Yahoo!!, Finally a sensible judgement.

    Prepare for an uproar, but....

    Dogs are property, not beings with rights and feelings. A bond between a dog and it's owner is great, but to try to then impose "citizenship" upon the dog and give it the rights of a human being is beyond my ken. We are supposed to be stewarts (spelling?) of the land and all upon it. Manage the population of animals so they do not overgrow their habitat. I don't think Darwin is right about creation, but i think his theory of the smart and strong surviving is right on. We protect and preserve too many of the weaker, and dumber members of nearly every species, which in turn weakens the genetic pool. Dumb people and animals used to be able to do dumb stuff and get themselves killed. it is much harder now with all the protective measures forced upon us by government and society.

    Rant over.


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    Here is a link to the original story for those interested.

    Story Here
  4. Was there a follow up by the News Media? As stated, the Media(all ) sensationalize most everthing they feel will sell or bring attention. Their editing of sound bites are real pieces of work.
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    gives me a little bit of hope for america
  6. Glad to hear there is some common sense!

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    +1 for common sense.
  8. In Darwin's theory of evolution, "fitness" is defined as the ability to successfully reproduce. In other words, the "smartest" and "strongest" will not necessarily survive.
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    The latest in the continuing saga…

    PD Story Here
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