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  1. Does anybody out there metal detect or hunt for bottles, arrow heads? I started doing this a few years back. I always look for new treasure hunting spots/bottle dumps when I'm out Fishing local steram. Fills in the gaps when the fish aren't bitting.

    Tony V.
  2. I Fish

    I Fish I am what I eat.

    Yep, arrowheads mostly. I don't like to talk much about it in public. I view all of my spots as secrets, even just good types of spots, a lot of people haven't thought of.

  3. Oh yeah, got a whites 6000. I don't do it for the treasure part, but more for the history part. It's neat finding a wheat penny from 1910 that has been there ever since someone dropped it. Who know's the droppee's next stop may have been world war I. Also arrowhead hunt, same farms year after year, it's amazing what keeps coming up every year after they plow, and disc.
  4. jeffmo

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    i've been doing it for a few years now.
    the reason i wanted to start was that in 1774 there was a british military encampment on my was basically 1/2 of the british troops that came here after the battle of point pleasant.
    i've found some neat relics,though none have any real value it's cool to know that they have been there as long as they have.
  5. I just picked up a detector on craigslist last month. Been going over all the web forums & just bought a digger today. Can't wait for the ground to thaw so I can go play with it. Seems like the hardest part is finding places that you can legally hunt with it. Theres probably enough stuff in my own lot to keep me busy to start with. Also something to do when visiting in-laws, put the headphones on & get lost. Finding old stuff would be cool. Come on spring !
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    I was into metal detecting in the early 80's and still have my Coinmaster 5000D. I got the fever again last year and purchased a Whites XLT from E-Bay and went out about a dozen times last year. Ended up with about $25 mostly from schoolyards.

    Never did and bottle or arrowhead hunting but this summer I might do some gold panning in southern Ohio!
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    yes, i metal detect. have been for several years and have found alot of good stuff.many old coins and buttons.never got into bottles, but my brother has for 40 years.metal detecting is very addicting.
  8. Thanks for the replys everyone. Please feel free to pm me if anybody ever wants to get out and detect or fish sometime.

    Tony V.
  9. Thanks for the offer Tony, May just take you up on it sometime.

    Hardest part for myself is being a supervisor here at work, married, have a 3yr. old son, Hunt, shoot archery,bowfish, Fish, Fish tournaments, Shed Hunt, Mushroom Hunt, Metal Detect..... Starting to see I don't have enough time to get it all done....:)
    Good problem to have I guess..
    I did find a neat 10 cent token in Orrville last year, it was for an old store that is no longer there. Also found a green glass salt shaker with a silver lid, at an old house foundation in the woods.
    One thing that I like to do for anyone that lets me hunt there yards is to clean a few coins up real nice and put them in a cheap little frame and take them back to them to keep around there house, around here the old houses have usually been in the same families for years, so it is sort of a sentimental thing for some....
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    Been looking for arrowheads for years with no success. My backyard has bunches of chips - musta been a hunting camp at one time. Never found an arrowhead or anything yet. Best I've found is a chunk of worked flint bigger than my fist off the Cuyahoga.
  11. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Anyone got any advice for looking for arrowheads and such? I know the areas the should be, but never have luck.
  12. My dads farm is great for arrow head hunting, Here is the lay of the land: it is in holmes county, the middle branch of the Sugar Creek borders one side of it, and we have 2 creeks coming through the property. The fields that are the best are the ones that are elevated just a bit over the small creeks. In the general area of these high spots we have several good chip piles. We have been finding arrowheads all around, for years now. Each year seems to be less and less though. Anyhow, I would concentrate my time around fields that are along smaller runs, but within a half mile of a conjunction to a larger creek or river. Back in the day, the creeks were how the indians traveled, great landmarks in the day.
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    plowed fields after a good rain is what i've been told.but then i live right in the middle of an area where there is alot of indian history and i've only found a couple of arrowheads over the years.