Merry Christmas to all my hard water friends

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  1. Just wanted to shout out to all my ice fishing friends. Looking foreward to a great ice season and will keep you all posted on erie ice as well as st. clair perch fishing once it gets going up there. stay warm.
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    merry Christmas!!

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  4. Hey, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to ya and all the other fellow fisherman that might read this. Now, You had to go and start stuff about perchin, now I will have to drive 250 miles instead of 60. :p Oh well, might need to stay a couple days !!!;) Anyhow, MERRY X-MAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.Mike
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    :F :F :F Merry Christmas gang!:F :F :F

    :! (w/red nose)
  6. Merry Christmas all you hardwater nutjobs! Proud to be one myself!

    Stay safe and on top of the ice!
  7. Merry Christmas guys and gals!!! By the look of things, we all will be ice fishing this time next week. After this hopefully LAST warm up, temps look good for more ice making. Going to check Ladue out here in awhile, and might just get a chance to ice a few and then be back at it in the morning. Enjoy the day!!!
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    Merry Christmas to all the Hardwater posters & readers on this Great OGF site !! And yes I think we will all be hardwater fishing soon !
  9. All I want for Christmas is 4-6" of clear hard ice. I must be on the nauty list this year :-( Merry Christmas to all!