Mercy killing deer in ditch

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  1. On my way to the butcher shop w/two legal deer, I come up on this 6pt in a ditch laying down on a state 2 lane road. As I slow he turns to look at me. Turn around in two drive ways so I on the same side as he is and get out to check him. He can not get up and is balling. Seems as though either his back or hind legs are broke, and has no visible marks on him, no lost hair or cuts. All legs are folded under him like he would just be laying in the woods. His front legs came out as he tried to get up. I go to the truck and load up two rounds and put him out of his missery and used my buck tag on him. Go to the butcher shop then the check in station and dressed him out when I got home, did not want to do it in that blasting winter storm along the road. Was I wrong to take him and use my tag?
    No one has questioned me but one guy here at work shooting that chose to the road. I checked for cars and people first.
    On the bright side he was approx. 160-180lbs but may have some truma loss when butchered.
  2. I believe what you did was illegal as I did that several years ago and darn near got arrested but was let go with a warning. Seems that only a law officer (municipal, county, state or wildlife) is permitted to dispatch the animal. With that being said, I would again do exactly what you did.

  3. I would have done the same thing. I hate to see them suffer!
  4. Probably illegal. However, you handled it better than I would have. I'm sure I probably would have finished him off, but I don't think I would have been too anxious to burn my buck tag on him. Any cop that gives you a hard time about that is a jerk off, however I'd probably not advertise the situation.
  5. I agree that I probably would not advertise it. You can simply say that you took a deer that was hit prior and down. That is enough info to get the idea and not enough to give anxious troublemakers anything to go on.;) Personally I think you did a good deed. Otherwise that deer was going to lay there and rot.
  6. should have called the law...they would have used their ammo and gave you a roadkill tag saving your ammo and tag yet giving you the meat!!!:D
  7. That one is even better yet.:D That is assuming he still wanted more meat.
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    I know a guy that assisted a deputy recently and shot a hit deer. He got a roadkill tag for the deer.
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    I agree that the killing of the deer was a good thing, but I would be cautious because roadkill deer are not for anyone to take, I was told that since i didnt hit the deer that a person on the "waiting list" would be called to come and get it, just a thought
  10. Illegal - yes
    Ethical - absolutely

    I can not stand to see an animal in that shape and most certainly would have dispatched him with or without a tag. I guess I would just have to deal with the local game authorities if it ever happens to me because I would kill that deer as fast as possible every time.
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    if you called the police ,they would have done it too. but they are the law? i applaud you for doing the right thing. calling the police may have saved you a tag. merry christmas.
  12. Coming back from hunting one night I saw a lady in a van hit a deer and kill it. I stopped to make sure she was ok until the police came. After the policeman came I helped him drag the deer out of the road. As the officer was getting his pistol to shoot it the deer died. The deer was only hit in the head so no meat damage was done. The policeman asked her if she wanted it she said no, so I said I'll take it. He wrote me a tag and helped me load it into my truck.
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    Good work. The laws are crafted to ensure illegitimate situations are crimes. Unfortunately, these laws do not account for good samaritan acts. I would have done the same thing, if there was still room in the freezer...which there isn't. ;)
  14. Most police departments have a waiting list that locals sign up for. Having said that, I still would like to thank my POPO brother (CLEMM) for dispatching a deer and not bypassing the list in favor of his own brother!!! He will never here the end of that one:D :D :D
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    Illegal or not you did the right thing. Hats off to you. I probably would of called the authoritys so I didn't have to burn my own tag provided they made it there quickly to reduce the time the animal had to suffer. Regardless good job making the right call.
  16. Years ago, while coming back from a grouse hunt(yeah, that was many years ago alright!), I came across a big doe hit on an abandoned stretch of road(no houses). She was pathetically 'inch-worming' her way out of the road and into a ditch. It looked like a high speed vehicle had hit her low in the legs and broke all four at the knee joints. I was stopped on the side of the road when Barney Fife(township cop) pulls up lights blaring and gets out, chest all puffed up, and says "How'd you hit that deer without damaging your van"? I told him I didn't hit it but had just come upon it.
    He then says(since I had hunting clothes on), do you have a gun in your vehicle. I say I have a shotgun and he says "why don't you dispatch the animal and take it"? I say, "why don't you with your sidearm"? He says, "I can't discharge my sidearm because I'd have to fill out a two page report if I did and I'm not about to do that"! Just when he says that, the deer mercifully expires, probably due to shock. I told him I'd take it if it didn't punch my deer tag for the upcoming season. He said it wouldn't and he gives me a slip to take it. I have to say, that was the best damned venison I ever had and there wasn't a mark on it anywhere.
    (PS-Wouldn't you know it, there's a large, upscale development and stores now where I field dressed the doe!)
  17. You did the right thing. I would have done the same thing. It sounds like you took all the necessary precautions before you did shoot the deer.

    I came upon a Doe who was shot during gun season. She couldn't move because her front legs were blown to she got there? I don't know. I was asking my dad if I should put her down, but he told me no because a game warden was across the pond watching us. As we came out of the woods, the game warden stopped us and asked us why we didn't tag a deer that we shot. I told him that we didn't shoot it, we just found it there. We asked him if he would write a tag for it since we knew someone who would take it. He told us no because there was a waiting list.

    To make a long story short, we left, he shot the deer and 3 week's later during muzzleloading, we walked back there and she was still laying there rotten. My dad was pretty upset.
  18. What county did that happen in?
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    you guys kill me with your "laws"

    i really don't care who's land it was, or even if it was in the dang wal-mart parking lot, if there is a deer there broken down suffering, put a dang bullet in it.......

    ky must be a heckuva a lot different than ohio, i'd think that a law man here would be more tempted to try to find a reason to fine you for not putting the deer down.......
  20. I have run across this situation more than once and I have always been worried about discharging a firearm on the side of the road. I call the sheriff and let them know there is a wounded deer on the side of the road and I am going to finish it and could they send a car out to issue a roadkill tag. I then pin it down and cut its throat, a little barbaric but better than letting the animal suffer. I have never had a problem going this route. It will be a cold day in you know where when I burn my buck tag on a deer I did not kill.