Mercury vs Yamaha outboards..any opinions?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c75, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. c75


    Getting it down to the boat and motor I'm probably going to buy.....cost is about the same.......heard MANY good things on the Yamaha over the merc...any opinions here?
  2. athensfishin'

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    Not sure if it's a defining factor, But I know for myself, I can find a ton of information online when fixing, tuning, or wiring with my merc. So if it's a new boat not really a huge factor, and it might be the same for Yamaha's, just throwing it out there.

  3. I'd say either would be close in reliability. You'll get opinions that one is way better than the other. I think as long as the engine isn't "new" technology released before the bugs are worked out (i.e. Ficht, Optimax, etc) they are all good. Look at the availability of service/dealer. A deciding factor for me would be that Mercs are built in the US (at least those over 75 HP).

  4. Both are great motors with good reputations. I'd be happy with either one, but I have a merc at this time.

    I agree with Toolman. Find a nearby reputable dealer that sells and, or services them and go from there.
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    I know a lot of folks like to push the "buy american" thing, but in reality American companies are outsourcing to foreign suppliers and just putting their name on stuff to better the bottom line.

    I know for certain that Yamaha was the sole supplier of 4-stroke Merc. powerheads 30hp and up[ for the past several years except for the big Verado series which was/is all Mercury. Most of the mid-large sized 2-strokes are all Merc. but the smaller 2-strokes are a mix of Tohatsu and Yamaha.
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    check out tomuchfishin's post in boats&motors I think a yamaha 2-stroke has some qualities over any 4 but depending on what you want it for who knows
  7. for yrs merc/yam motorheads were the same only diff was the lower end . both equal in my opinion. I have a 2005 115 optimac runs great,
  8. More service centers for Merc in event needed.

    Better "performance" motor in the ProXS opitmax lineup, - can run higher RPM's.

    Will get somewhat better overall gas mileage with Merc, esp. at WOT.

    Merc offering 5 year nondeclining full warranty up to purchase date of 3/31- that speaks volumes.

    At this day and age though- V6 direct injected outboards are near bullet proof- both are good engines.

    I'd like to hear the online gearheads take on this one.

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    I have to say either would be fine. In Canada, where a motor get a test like no where around here, they have all gone to Yamaha's. The 4-stroke motors that I have used up there hold up great. These are rental motors as well as ones that the Canadians use everyday for their own use. Both our boats that we have in Canada have Yamaha's on them. Funny thing is they all used Mercs before they switched to Yamaha's but You do see lots of Mercs up there as well. There has to something good about Yamaha's to see 80-90% of outfitters going with them. As has been said you will here both good and bad about both, just remember these are opinion only. My self ( on the boat I have here) I have a merc and love it. Would I get a Yamaha? you bet I would. Nip is right in his statement the new motors are bullet proof for sure. You have to get what you are happy with period. Merc dealers will tell you theirs are better as well yamaha. You can also get the same from all the other motors made today. If you can tell them you want to test drive both and them make up your mind. You won't and can't go wrong with either one in my opinion.
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    Both are good. I have a 200 optimax and like it alot. Find the dealer in your area with the best service and buy what they sell.
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    Someone made a good point with me on the price differential efi> optimax> pro xs .... is a couple mph really worth several grand worth of gas .... ie efi vs optimax ... 2k$ worth of gas that's at least 500 gallons or 16 tanks in most 18-20'rs

    they also said instead they would opt for the most hp they could get mounted on the boat