Mercury Force Motor Fix?

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  1. I have a Bayliner bass Striker boat w/ a 50 horse Mercury Force Motor. The controls only allow you to start the motor in Neutral, but after about 20 mins. I had to remove the cow and unhook the throttle cables and then started it with a high throttle start, no problem, motor ran fine, but it would not start cold and continue to run at idle. My question is can I swap out the controls and install a new setup that will allow for a high throttle type start with out all the steps that I had to go thru tonight? Any help, advice or info. would be greatly appreciated.


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    not sure about yours, but most controls have a high throttle way to start the motor??do you have an electric choke? choke may be sticking.

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    There is usually a button somewhere on the controls you push in and then when you push the throtle forward it is in neutral so you can get the high throtle start. Old Johnson Evinrudes had a separate lever for this, but all the Mercs I've seen have that button to push.
  4. The only button that I can find is the one under the handle that allows you to engage forward and reverse. I will take a pic of the controls and post it here soon, thanks.



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    Try pulling out on the handle or pushing in on the center of the handle while pushing. There are several different high idle releases.
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    My mercruiser control has a button on the bottom of the shift lever. When depressed it allows throttle while in nuetral. Pull it back after it warms a little and the button pops back out automatically.
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    It says right in the center botom of the control
    Pull Neutral. Pull out sideways on the handle and push forward.
  8. I appreciate all the advice and info., I actually got it running tonight but it seemed be running a bit rich, wouldn't idle on it's own but did run. I think maybe it just needs run on the water to blow the junk out so to speak. I just got the boat over the winter and from what I understand it hasn't be run regularly for the past few years. If I get the trolling motor hooled up and the extra deep cycle tomorrow I just may get it out on the water in the afternoon, man I cant wait. Thanks again guys.

  9. Dan.. there is a choke in the key switch also.. make sure the primer bulb is tight and push the key in while you are turning it.. and pull the shifter out and push it forward a little bit and it should fire right up.. also pull and clean (or replace) the plugs as the eingine was fogged when stored....
  10. Thanks Scott,

    Dude you aren't going to believe this but I was able to get the Lower Shift Rod(LSR) reconnected to the Shift Arm(SA). I just had to turn the lower unit upside down the get the SA to sit level and then thread the LSR into it, man talk about 1 shot in a million, still can't believe that it finally went it.

    I was finally able to figure the high throttle thing out yesterday, really works great. The idle still needs work, replaced the plugs, but shouldn't be a big issue. Gonna run some carb cleaner through it and will probably replace the primer bulb since it seems just abit soft, minor issue to be honest. I think it just needs taken out and ran abit, can't wait.

    Thanks again,

    Dan Hill