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  1. I'm looking for a new Mercury 9.9 BigFoot, 25" shaft, electric start and tiller type. No dealers in my area have one. I live in Mooreland, Indiana and would drive to pick one up. Let Me Know!!!!
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    Try Vic's Sportscenter they are a sponsor of OGF

  3. I got prices on one from Ravenna Marine and Norton Marine, both came in at about 2,800 - 3,000 for a Bigfoot kicker, tiller model with electric tilt and start.

    However, they sell them at Gander Mountain. And chances are, you don't need a 25" shaft, you'll probably be fine with a 20" shaft if all you will be doing is trolling. IN fact, the 20" is often desirable, even on a 25" transom walleye boat (like the Crestliner Canadian 1850) because you don't have to tilt it up as far to get the skeg out of the water.

    Anyways, at Gander, you can sign up for a credit card, and get 10% off right there. (thank Hetfield for that tip).
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    I don't know were Mooreland In. is located. But Basspro in Cincy has them for $2575. That would be a 20" shaft, T/T, electric start and steering tube. Tillers are a bit less.
    Oh yeah, though they are sold at BP it's actually Tracker boats that are selling them. So no points or other discounts can be applied...! :mad:
  5. I have a Lund Tyee Magnum with a Mercruiser in it, so I do need the 25" model. I want to thank all for your help. I found one today.
    Thanks Again
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    That 25" shaft is really long considering the Pro kicker already has a longer shaft than a comparable 9.9. But whatever works for you...!
  7. I have a 2150 lund baron magnum , with merc cruiser , it has a 15hp kicker from the factory its a 20;; shaft and works great ,25 just might be too long.
  8. Now you guys have got my attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mercury furnished me a CAD drawing with dimensions and I think it will work.
    Hope so, it's on it's way here.
    I'm going to use a Garelick #71091 mounting bracket, a Panther Steer unit controlled with a Troll Master Pro 3.
    I'll let you know how this works out, or doesn't work out.
    In the latter case, just check the divorce column. LOL