mercury 500 throttle problems. please help

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  1. I have what I believe is a 1969 merc 500 serial #2628068. I split the throttle control box in order to paint it. After putting it back together I seem to have a lot more travel in reverse than before and almost no travel in forward. I took it back apart and see that there is a TDC marked on the inside and am wondering if there is a method of timing it while putting it back together? If anyone can tell me how to correct this, or if I am correct on the year of my motor, or what type of manual I can buy that would cover the control box I would deeply appreciate it. Oh, my control has a single throttle/shifter, ignition on the aft end, choke button just above ignition on top, and a fast idle lever between control box and side of boat. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give I am so ready to hit skeeter for the big bite and don't want to go out in this condition unless absolutely necessary. Hope to see you all on the water and hope we all have a great fishing season, whether catching fish or just enjoying the company of our friends and family.

    Thanks again
  2. you might want to take it apart again ,make sure things are in neutral ,shift arm straight up in the middle . take a couple min and figure it out in your mind how it works , when you put it back together it should move with firm ease, not ruff, or jercky.

  3. A picture of the control box opened would help us immensely.
  4. I will send pics as soon as I figure out how to do it. Very new to this whole electronics world. Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend.

  5. Your motor is indeed a 1969 model. Seloc publishes a manual which covers 3 and 4 cyl Mercury motors from 1965 thru 1992. It says "Volume ll" on the cover but they have other manuals called Vol. ll which cover other motors so that isn't much help. There is another number on the spine which is 013-6 which may be helpful. The manual does describe several of the Mercury control units with diagrams and pictures.

    Its been a few years since I've had mine apart but I do remember a small metal ball which fits in a detent indicating the neutral position. The control needs to be exactly in neutral when you reinstall the handle in the vertical position. Your control may be functioning correctly now but the handle is in the wrong position relative to where you think it should be if that makes any sense.