Mercury 40 has occasional high pitch squeel

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  1. My 2003 Mercury 40 ELPTO 2 cycle 3 cylinder seems to have a high pitch squeel once in a while. It's not real loud, but definitely noticable. I put the motor in neutral yesterday and it still squeeled. It seems to occur mostly in the first 1/2 hour of operation, but I do recall it happening briefly a few other times during a long day and then it stops. Any ideas? Otherwise, it runs like a champ. I must note that I took a good chunk of the skeg off a few years ago, never had lower until problems or water, but not sure if this is related. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. If if spelled squeal right, would I get any helpful ideas?

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    have no idea, unless something is close to the flywheel at times??but thats the only external part that is turning?
  4. Belt to alternator?

  5. Guess I'll take closer look under the cover again and look for rubbing. I'm not interested in a breakdown so I'll investigate til found and fixed.