Merc alternator kit to replace water cooled regulator

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by BlueMax, May 31, 2008.

  1. Anyone have experience buying and installing the alternator replacement kit for a merc (470) or other size engine? I looked on ebay and there are kits available. Also merc has kit (pricier) and replacement for the voltage regulator (pricier) but I hear that the way to go is to get away from the regulator and install the alternator. If good or bad experiences could be shared it would be helpful to me.
  2. I converted mine last year found a kit on e-bay by a guy nameded Hunnfinn Co. The kit fit perfect in my pristine 1983 4 winns. As with mine my concern was some of the kits mount the alt low on the engine, that is a problem on mine with room. I had to jack the motor up with the front mount so I could pull the damper off to remove the stator and rotor. The rest was cake. Try this link, The guy was really helpful on the phone. Let me know if you need more info I'd be glad to help.

  3. Thanks Smackman's Dad.
    It looks like I will be going to purchase from the same person you did.
    Is it necesary to remove the stator and rotor if they will no longer be needed?
  4. If you happen to talk to the guy which I would recomend, (Very very helpful),He will recomend gutting out the stator and for a more important reason REMOVE THE MAGNETS from the balancer. I found a bunch of mine loose when I did that, they were ready to fly off inside there and who could guess what may have happened, As for the regulator itself I just disconected the wiring and left it. It was definitly worth it I have had no trouble at all, and when that alternator may go I can get one locally and alot less expensive than the mercruiser parts.. Oh yeah I sent the guy a money order and he shipped it as soon as he got it.
  5. COM64 that kit you posted looks like it mounts low on the engine the one I used mounted Higher, otherwise I would have to re-route alot of stuff in the engine compartment. Much bigger job at least on my boat, Just something to consider anyway.