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merc 6 hp twin

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Danshady, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. i have a merc 6hp twin. i came in from fishin today, parked inthe garage, went out a lil later. and smeel ed very strong gas odor.. after inspecting...gas had been leaking out of my carb. and dripping down the bottom of the motor.....what would cause this sudden gas leak from the carb when it is parked not being ran or gas pumping in...the gas line was hooked up to the motor...but when i took it off there was no gas left n the there maybe a problem it has never done this before, is this just leftover gas in the engine that drained out of the come it never did this b4...i hope someone might know if there is a prob or not...thanks in advance for any kind of help............dan
  2. Check to see if your float is stuck .

  3. alright, is that in the carb? i really do not know alot about boat motors...but im pretty good at figuring things out with a lil direction.
  4. Yeah it's the first thing you see in the carb . My 50 hrse had that problem. It was flooding out & when I tipped the motor on the ride home the gas would run out . Did it run ok on the lake ? Mine would start right up But if I let it sit for a while I would have a hard time getting it going. Mine has 1 screw holding the float . Hope this helps.
  5. yea it ran fine...i got some books on it today from the library...old merc repair and maintanance im gonna tear into it and see what i can find...between that and asking some general questions on here. i should be able t5o fix it...thanks
  6. You may have a leak in one of the lines inside your motor. I had one go on me once while on the water. If you pop up the cover you will see some rubber fuel line inside. look closely at these to see if there is any gas coming from them. On mine what had happened was that the rubber line developed a crack in it. I was fortunate that the crack was near the end and so I was able to cut off the bad part and still have enough line to re-attach. If it happens to be this be sure to get some new fuel line tubing to replace it because if it cracked once it will probably go again when you are on the water sometime.
  7. before disassemble visual check gas lines, then run engine with fuel line hooked up and then unplug line and let run out of gas you may have picked up a particle in the needle seat which will cause flooding.I always run my outboards out off gas before leaving the water.
  8. I have two old Kiekhafer Mercs, one a 5 hp and one a 6 hp. Both models have a fuel supply shut-off valve that I close before leaving the water (just like Searay stated) and let it run until all the fuel in the lines is gone. If you take this approach, I don't see how gas could continue to leak out. I have had floats stick which causes issues, but more frequently I've had fuel line leaks (old, hard rubber lines) as well as gaskets that have dried out and cause leaks. The old motors can certainly give you some headaches, but man are they fun to run! A little annual preventative maintenance goes a long way with these old guys.