merc 150 impellar

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  1. got merc nitro xr6 hard would it be to change impellar myself...have changed one before on old johnson 9.5:B
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  4. thanks alot looks easy enough...fingers are crossed
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    If you've done one outboard impeller, you've done them all. The basic process on my 15hp Chrysler, my 35hp merc, my 50hp Johnson and now my 150 Merc are all nearly the same. Drop the L/U, remove the housing and put in the new pieces. Some prefer to be in Forward when you drop the L/U but I've never had an issue. Get the book and follow the steps. It's one of the easiest things to do that people will pay a couple hundred dollars for at a marina. Do it yourself and use that money elsewhere.

  6. mission accomplished...thanks for the help:B