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  1. Just thought it may be fun to ask for some creative imput on some names for added items on my catering menu, it could be fun and helpful since I have a severe case of writers block at the moment. I will give a description of the item and keep in mind I specialize in whole roasted meats and BBQ.

    Here we go...
    Burger - 1/2lb of meat but inside out stuffed with pepperjack cheese and thin
    jalapeno slices on a kaiser roll topped with sauteed onions.

    Burger- same as aboce but with cheddar, bacon and coarse ground pepper
    and a tangy bbq sauce

    Thats just a couple there are more to come......Thanks
  2. glad to see another chef on here besides me. i don't know who your supplier is but i use sysco and they have a pretzel bun which taste like a pretzel and is very good.

  3. The Hot Stuffed slab of Cow on a bun..

    The Tangy Oooo Stuffed slab of cow on a bun...

    well depends on your establishment. and the type of presentain you want to give off..

    The Kaiser( Keyser Söze) Burger...

  4. I watch the food channel quite a bit and try this one and see what you think.
    Hamburger pattie topped with peanut butter and mayo. Sounds nasty until I tried it. You think up a name for it, I'm too old and brain dead, lol.
    See what you think, go ahead, bet you won't.

    Bill aka wormdunker69
  5. With jalapno's, I'd call it " THE SCREAMER ". Sooner or later, It's gotta happen !!:D
    Call the other one a CBS!!! Mike
  6. I thought this would get a better reaction in here.

    I've tried the peanut butter thing, my mom told me to try it years back and I actually liked it for a while but never combined the two.
  7. "MEXimillion" & "Qburger"
    I believe in keeping the names sort of short but forcing one to read the description.
  8. I kind of like MEXimillion, and agree that simple is better.
  9. ive had a blackened chicken sandwich with a peanutbutter sauce on it. it was a killer too. i had it at the pufferbelly in kent
  10. See, I told you, put peanut butter on anything and it is yummy! Lol.