Mentor deer stomps puppy

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    Not surprising. I grew up in Mentor and lived right near Veterans park. There were and still are some big does and even bucks in there. My dad found 2 fawns in the backyard a couple of weeks ago chillin' with momma. Growing up, I remember hitting ~6 deer in the family car. Too many damn deer, something should be done.

  2. your right something should be done , the deer were there first , so all the people and houses should leave , just my .02cts worth.
  3. WOW! Uh, you first?
  4. Thats a joke right??

    Communities that don't allow hunting get what they deserve.!@
  5. I don't hunt, but unless there is hunting of some sort permitted in the outlying areas, we're going to see more run-ins with deer. I hit deer TWICE in the month before Christmas last year. The guy at the body shop told me they saw at least twice as many deer/car accidents this past Fall as before & many had the deer running into the side of the vehicle. I do NOT look forward to driving anywhere out of town at night in the late Fall. How many injuries (or worse) will it take before this problem is addressed in all areas?
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    Well, they did say a black bear was sighted in Chagrin Reservation, maybe that'll help.

    T00 many in Bedford....

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  8. Them deer can be viscious. Arm yourself! LOL
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    :D :D :D

    That's great!

    Darn near coughed up my lunch! :p :p :p

    If it were only that easy......

    Once the S.W.A.T. teams been to my house, I'd rather not have them back a second time....