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mental illness

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by zyklonjed, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Anyone else here afflicted, (or blessed depending on your outlook), with any mental illness here? I have heard, and believe that a good percentage of our nation is on SSRI's, but am curious if anyone else here copes with mental illness? I was diagnosed schizo-affective and bipolar in 1995, and enjoy communicating with others who may have been diagnosed with any condition. I am on the Board of Directors for my county's NAMI, and am pretty active within the community. Just curious what meds you may be taking and how they affect you, and any problems with them, or frustrations encountered- especially in respects to fishing. I, myself, have found that the hand shakiness side effect of Lithium seems to add a "little something" to my jigging. Frustration- tying palomar knots is next to impossible when your hands tremble as much as mine do. I have gotten past the stigma, and hope anyone else here has also. Feel free to pm me if you are uncomfortable posting about it here.
  2. <<<<<<< Probaly should be on some meds of some kind........ But will help any partner on this web site if possible.My best friend died of MDA in 1990 and we were like brothers so I made a deal with God to help any person I can in ANY WAY POSSIBLE. So give a SHOUT WHEN NEEDED.......................... Rich