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    i have a emachine desktop and i need new memory and i have an older dell desktop i was wondering if i could take the ram out of my dell and add it to my emachine?

    this is what said about my pc ...
    512MB DDR (1 × 512MB) 400MHz (PC3200)
    Expandable to 2GB

    and i removed the ram from my dell and it says 16Mx64SDRAM on the ram card... is this ram compatible with my newer pc?? im wanting to add ram because i am trying out second life and its lagging and freezing and im under the recommended ram and figure thats why its freezing on me..
    is ddr and sd two different types of ram?? if so i wont be able to add the card will i???
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    There are 3 main types of RAM: SDRAM, DDR, and DDR-II. Each type is mutually exclusive: if your comp requires DDR it will run DDR and DDR only.

    Unfortunately DDR is far more expensive then DDR-II (Supply and Demand) ESPECIALLY at retail outlets.

    If I were you I would shop ebay for a 1gb stick (I think kingston makes some cheap ones). Also look into ready boost for an extra kick if your running windows vista.

  3. how can one tell what kind of memory they got?
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    You have two different types of RAM and they WILL NOT interchange.
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    thanks for the info.. i figured that was how it was but i wanted to make sure before i bought some ram..