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Well guys, i got out to hit some carp friday,sat. & sunday this past weekend.
I hit a few spots and did very well on numbers of carp...grand total was 26 carp, biggest was 23 lbs.

Friday i hit an area around Griggs res. and caught a few just after dark with that trip landing my biggest of the weekend(23 lbs.)

Sat. i hit my normal area on the Scioto for channel cats and carp....caught a good number of both.

Sunday morning i fished lake CFD and had the place all by myself...carp were tailing everywhere....that night a hit below a local dam and again did well on numbers..avg. weight was around 12-14 lbs.

Most fish were taken on boilies bought from the Boilie Shop in New Jersey and on my normal stand by baits.......both fished using the "method" of course ;) .

Hope to get out a few days this weekend too...if anyone wants to hit CFD sunday , i'll be there..if anyone wants to get together anytime (where ever) give me a shout.


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top angling Scott,top angling ;) i had
a good last sunday myself.i fished 6hrs,had
8 carp,(1)15lb,(2)19lb,(2)20lb+,(2)23lb,(1)25lb+.
the (+)= a few oz's.its about time i had some 20's
for the year :D i was starting to worry.iam going to
try to get the pics up :rolleyes:
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