Memorable night on the GMR

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  1. I had been off work all day Wednesday and did not get out fishing because it was too windy and I really didn't feel like getting cold. Well 5:00 came around and the wind had died down enough and I was bored enough to go out and give it a shot. I got there as the sun was going down. I visited Outdoor World outside of Columbus on the way home from a funeral last week and a guy there that they were slaying saugeye on a Vibe-E's at Buckeye Lake. Well the GMR isn't Buckeye Lake but I decided to give it a shot

    First cast out with the vibe-e I hooked into something that fought me for 10 minutes before breaking off. Second cast out was nothing. Third cast out I hooked into one and got him in quick. I was a nice and fat saugeye. One of the nicest I have ever caught.
    If you think this one was nice just wait.

    I then lost the Vibe-E another couple of cast later, but I didn't expect anything less in the river. So then I tied on my trusty old X-rap and decided to give it a go. First cast out nothing. Second cast out I jerked the bait and felt a little tap, and the BAM! I had a fight on my hands. It fought like a catfish. Coming out of the water because it was so dark it had the size of a nice catfish. But what I ended up with was the biggest saugeye I have ever caught or seen caught. I don't have a scale but I would love guesses. This fish was 28 inches long. I wear size 12 wide boots and I can tell you I am not a small man. Sorry again for the crappy picture quality but here it is.


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    congrats on the good night. that last fish is a brute.

  3. That's an outstanding catch. I've never seen one that big, either. Get your Fish Ohio award.
  4. nice eye, I would say in the 6 or 7lb range. because i caught a 23'' eye today and it went 4.7lbs on the digi and that pig absolutly dwarfs it.
  5. you get those at the spot i told you about awhile back?
  6. quite possibly.I'll meet you out there sometime if you want. Heck you let me know where it was.
  7. i'm just afraid to throw my crankbaits and ratl-traps there. might loose them.i am free sunday and monday. i'll fish in the snow. been awhile since i been there.
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    Awesome catch. :B

    Bet it was worth losing a lure a two.
  9. Wow, Nice fish sir!

    Crazy as it sounds guys, I live about a minute away from GMR, and the lower dam there in Hamilton, and I've never fished it - due to being scared of eating anything out ot the river. But I do know one thing. - you can't beat the Vib-E's, and the X-Raps for the Saugeye!!!
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    Outstanding saugeye, congratulations!
  11. That's a great catch.
    As far as the Vib"e", I've always thought it would be great on the GMR(or any river here) simply because nobody seems to be using them and the bass, saugeye, etc. haven't seen a million of them. Can I ask what color and weight you used? I've never had any luck with my X-Rap but I haven't used it much and I don't think I'm presenting it right.
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    Very nice! You need to get a handheld scale so that you can get a weight on future pigs.
  13. Nice Fish, Did you catch them below the West Carrollton Dam ?
  14. Bet you're glad the boredom got the best of you with a catch like that! Nice catch btw. I'm glad to see the GMR is producing some quality fish.

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    I got a 28.5" on the wall I got out of Indian Lake 13 years ago; it went 8 pounds even. A 28" river saugeye most likely weighs a little less as a result of fighting the current during its life, but definetely over 7 pounds, between 7-8 pounds.

    Great job!
  16. I don't have that problem thank goodness because I never eat them. That fat hog went back right in the river, so I can get him when he gets even bigger. It was a red vibe-e with a chartreuse tail and a silver stomach. Don't know the weight either 1/4 or 1/2. It worked great the few casts I had it but the way that they sink to the bottom so quick it's bound to get lost in the river unless you're jigging it.
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    VERY nice 'eye! Kudos to you for releasing it too.
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    When you put in the effort you get rewarded nice fish.
    Saugeye are a hybrid and don`t breed its what the state refers to as a put and take fish. It OK to keep a few of these fish to eat but I am like you I worry about where the fish were cought.