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  1. Well, I'm a few days late posting, but I wanted to share a memorable Father's Day story. I had taken my son fishing twice before -- once last year when he was only 2.5 years old and once this spring. He really didn't have the patience to fish those two times -- after about two minutes he started throwing rocks, etc., which I actually encouraged. I didn't want to pressure him to fish or catch fish -- just have fun while we were "fishing."

    For Father's Day, we tried again at the Cheshire ramp area at Alum Creek Lake. I really didn't expect to catch anything, but I figured it would be nice to try. We got no bites at our first spot, so we tried spot number two. There, we found a willing sunfish. The first couple times the fish took the worm, my son didn't get him. But, after about the third try, he set the hook and reeled him in all by himself. I probably made more noise calling for my wife than I have for most any fish I've caught myself in my life. I was a very proud dad, and will surely remember this particular Father's Day for a long, long time. Here's a photo:

  2. How cool is that....another lifelong tradition begins.

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    Sounds like a fun day. cool to see ya getting the youth involved. im sure he will not let you be now, everyday he will want to be fishing. but thats a good thing.
    good job man, and im sure even though he is young he will never forget that trip either.
  4. Yeah, Bubba, we were watching a fishing show yesterday that I recorded. It was a father and son fly fishing in a pond on Father's Day (the show is "Familiar Waters"). My son kept asking me why that daddy and boy fished so much longer than he did. I told him we'd head out again soon... :)
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    yea, sorta like what you and me do to your dad!! lol
  6. Congrats on the fish and the memory. Hold onto that photo. It will make a good graduation gift or maybe a wedding gift someday. I hope this is only the begining of memorable father's days for you and him. :)
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    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    i saw that show. good show. i told ya lol. :)