Melting Ice Terminology

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  1. Again, there is little ice to speak of in NE Ohio. While I'm in the loony bin (MY HOME), waiting for ice to form, here's some new ICE TERMINOLOGY to contemplate.

    Can you think of any more?

    Ice Degradation
    Anti Solidification
    Ice Anorexia
    Softening Hard Water
    Ice Surface Shrinkage
    Hard Water Dilapidation
    Sub-Freezing Water Deprivation
    31F Water Starvation
  2. SAD:p good fishin, pray to the ice godz !!!
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  3. swone

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    decrystalizing, tensile dysfunction, solidity challenged
  4. im currently suffering from a bad case of vexilar rot.
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    Ohio frustratification :D

    keep your chins up guys, ice is coming.

    actually id say this is one of the best weather starts to an ice season we've had lately. mostly below average temps. and its only the 16th, which normally we dont get to fish on. usually around Christmas is average id guess. ive only been seriously ice fishing for about 6 years now or so. and the variability ive seen over those 6 years is shocking. you never know what will happen. id say this is the second best start out of the 6 years ive gotten into this hobby. and compared to the other four years, this is a great start.
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    A lot of ice doesn't melt. It sublimes.