Meldahl fishing report 6,7 and 8 Jan

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    Fished all three days at the dam and did quite well but the presentation changed from day to day. Once we figured out what they wanted we took home some nice fish. Saturday they wanted minnows only and no jigging so we just layed the rods down and watched the tips, Sunday was pretty much the same thing but you had to find the level they were feeding at (16') and no jigging again, Monday they wanted minnows on a lead jig head with a twister tail tipped with a minnow and jig it ever so lightly off the bottom and fishing because very good, limits on Monday and near on Saturday and Sunday. Water temperature changed from 35 to 40 degrees on Monday and that made a great difference is the bite, not to mention it was 68 degrees out. Neville ramp was still closed so we launched at Moscow the first day and then at Chilo the last two days and came through the locks. Either way it was long, but the great news is Neville Ramp is now open again, the gates open and I'll be using it on Saturday.
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    Nice report.Thanks

  3. I second that! Good look on the neville report!