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  1. Meijers on Diley Road in Canal Winchester has most of their Rebel and Arbogast Lures 50% off. Just picked up a bunch of Pop-R's and Hula poppers. Not sure if the other Meijers are marking things down but it might be worth checking. Pop-R's were priced at $2.49, Deep Crawfish Plugs were priced at $2.34, and Hula Poppers were priced at $2.49. They had most of the sizes in stock including the micro sizes which are great for the small mouth streams around here.
  2. That is a great deal! Most of these lures are $6+ at walmart!

  3. went to both meijers off colonel glenn and off stroop in ketting and beavercreek...both had the same deals...picked up 5 pop-r's and some rebel craws pretty cheap...thanks for the heads up
  4. The Meijer on 22 also had Rapala's 50% off. They were the bleeding shad raps, select minnow raps, and select tail dancers.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Rapala's. 22's down near Cincinnati isn't it? I'll have to go out in the morning and look at some of the other stores up here, never have too many Rapala's.
  6. got arbogast hula poppers, Rebel Pop-R's. They also had ultralight lures like a crayfish or frog. All lures listed were $2.50
  7. Check this weeks Meijer Grocery ads. You can take another 15% off.
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    just picked up a few lures i was looking for. thanks!!
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