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  1. Stopped at my local Meijer's on Montgomery Rd. today, had to pick up a few things and decided to check the fishing department. Glad I did. They had a lot of things on sale, some not very good, but others were pretty good.

    Power Pro was $7.99 for a spool of 150 yards

    Rapala Cordless Fillet Knife was on sale for $29.99 (50% off the price)

    Quantum Hot Sauce reel lube $2 a bottle.
  2. Newark's Meijers has the same deal going on now,powerpro line 6,8,10 lb for 7.99 a spool reg price of 14.99 ,stock up !

  3. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    I checked a Meijer here in Cincinnati and the 10lb rang up 7.99 also even though the display still said 14.99. Thanks for the heads up