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medium or heavy for steelhead rod?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by ohihunter2014, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. going to make a purchase tonight and need some advice. I will be fishing the vermillion river and rocky for steelhead starting this weekend and want to start doing this pretty regularly after deer season until they move into the lake. I was reading some stufff and it said dont use light gear and fight the fish when its warmer out like now because they probably wont make it after release if i use a light rod and fight them for a long period. so.... with that what action would you go with? Im thinking i would like the 8ft6 rod better but not really sure.
  2. I use a centerpin but I also have a spinning setup for my wife or dad when they join me. I use lighter action on everything and longer rod length. My pin is 13.5' and spinning is 10.5'. That along with a good drag are essential. The rod length helps absorb some of pressure when they take off on their long runs. It's also very helpful in managing your line in the current as you drift.

  3. If you plan to float fish I would recommend at least a 10ft. rod (lighter action)......a "noodle rod". The extra length allows easier line management.....the whippy light action helps to cushion lighter leaders and puts more fish on the bank.

    Don't worry, you'll be able to land these fish plenty fast enough with 6 or 8 lb test leaders. Some people just don't know how to play a fish.......I've seen it play out in PA more so. One dude hooks up in a crowded locale and just fights the fish to death for 30 minutes, while everyone just looks dumbfounded. ugh! don't be that guy
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  4. not 100% sure what you mean float fish but I will be using a bobber and spawn sack or jog heads. probably a 35 series pflueger president reel. i will also be standing on the banks. cant wade or anything.
  5. that's float fishing go light weight n noodle rod you won't be disappointed there is alot of 10 foot combos out there for 80 bucks n up
  6. Not going to find any combo's in a store... Barely a selection of rods....This time of the year..cant find floats,hooks, marabou, netting.Best bet is to order off line....
  7. The rod I linked I can get in store. just wanted to make sure I get the correct one.
  8. I would say go with a noodle action rod or light action rod.
  9. After reading your other posts...I think you're going for a multi-species unless you're going to make a life long commitment to steelhead (which all it takes is one lol) then stick with a medium 7''re right in saying it's not good to play the fish for a long time but let's worry about catching one first. But these guys are right in saying if you're going for noodle rods stick with 10'6" and higher.
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  10. I was interested in a multi species but i can get that steelhead specific rod for under $50 cause its on sale. I went to fin feather fur last weekend and asked the guy about a rod and he said don't use anything but an ugly stick or a steelhead rod that they will break a normal medium 7ft rod. I figured $48 for a steelhead specific lifetime warranty rod like the one i linked would be the best bet. I guess not. :)
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  11. That rod you linked will be just fine. I would get the 9 or 10ft medium action out of the choices.
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  12. Lol the Guy at fin feather and fur doesn't know what he's talking about but I'd def get a 9ft or a 10ft6inch though to start with drift fishing.
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  13. The guy at the Fin is clueless
  14. Right on then. Get yourself a noodle rod and hit the water!
  15. they catch steelhead on kids Barbie doll rods... even have an upcoming tournament for just dont need anything special,, just need to know the equipment you are using and its limits...that's true of any type of fishing
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  16. I was looking around and asked where the longer rods were and told him i wanted something just for steelhead and he directed me away from the 7ft to a 9-10ft ugly stick. said when they take off on me it might be too much on the normal rod and break it. I'm just trying to do this right and save myself headaches so i ask for more info on here. Going tonight to grab a cabelas tourney trail, plfueger president combo for bass and possibly one of these "noodle" rods. heck i might even just grab a whoopin stick for $23 just to make sure i like steelhead fishing.
  17. I have caught hundreds of steelhead on a 7ft medium action or a med/light 7ft rod with 8lb mono and never broke a rod. They won't even break your line lol it's not like your hooking into a jet ski going 65. A Properly set drag will do wonders for you. I caught my personal best 38" 18lb beast on a 7ft rod and 8lb mono
  18. okay so last question. everyone said get the longer rod for bobber fishing but i see alot saying get medium action to feel the bites, etc. would a 9ft medium action be sufficient? fishing vermillion and rocky.
    going to order one of the ones linked tonight.
    thank you.
  19. hey guys don't mean to beat a dead horse with this one. I found some info online saying for bobber fishing go long rod. I was going to order a 9ft medium cabelas trail rod but cant bring myself to do so cause i don't have a lot of info. should i pop on it or go bigger?