Medina Fish Hatchery??

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  1. creekcrawler

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    Anybody remember the Medina Fish Hatchery?
    It was on Sharon-Copley Road (rt162) off River Styx.
    Was wondering if anything's still going on there.
    Used to go there every March 20th, had a lot of fun there.
  2. mrphish42

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    Creekcrawler..... Man.......had some great times there, over the years..... Up to a dozen of us would go there at a time, would take up the end and part of the side of the first pond (by the Lodge) .....Great sausage sandwichs.. I haven't been there in years. Hope that someone will fill us in on any thing that might be going on over there..... (Red Boston )the orig. owner......was a cool guy.....could keep you on your toes.. Place also had great ice fishin for trout.... Jon SR...PS.....Thanks man, for cranking up the memory machine.

  3. Iremember that place. i lved fishing there. i am interested in knowing if anything is going on there too
  4. creekcrawler

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    I remember those guys would have fun!
    They stocked an eel about 4ft long in the first pond once!
    Sure was funny trying to see the guy net it. :D
    Caught a huge burbot out of the second pond once.
    Never saw one before, so I let it go. Then they tell me
    they taste just like lobster. :p
    One March 20th, there was a huge blizzard, but we were there early
    anyhow. Those guys couldn't believe we drove out there! Had the whole place to ourselves for the day.
  5. I'm pretty sure that it's just a wasteland anymore. Red and Mary Boston sold it to some guys from out of state. They ran it for a while, then Red and Mary bought it back. I think Red passed away, then Mary shut the doors. That was probably ten or more years ago.

    I haven't driven by there in a long while, but last time I did it was a ghost town.
  6. creekcrawler

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    :( :( :(

    I remember that they sold it & bought it back.
    That's too bad.
  7. mrphish42

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    Creekcrawler and you guys remember, just how crowded that place could get,,, it could be totally insane at times "no place to park". At first...only the front ponds were open and the stream.......then they started to open the back year he stocked "tons of white bass and holly crap-----everyone had got the we said.....Oh what memories..... thanks guys. Jon Sr.
  8. PapawSmith

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    In the mid 90's I used to buy stocking fish for my pond and fatheads as feeders from whoever owned it at the time, he was a younger guy. He made a trip to Canada one year for gills and called me when he was about an hour from returning. I met him there and bought 250 gills from him and, I swear, none were under 8' and probably 100 were over a pound a piece. I've never seen so many huge gills. I stocked a pond with them and lost probably about 50 fish, mostly mature bulls, in the following 3 or 4 days, none after. They eventually crossed with my hybreds and that was a phenominal fishery. It probably still is, you'll have to ask my exwife.:mad: Several years ago I was driving past there and saw a car parked by the old ofice. I stopped and asked the guy what was up with the property and he said he was a real estate investor/developer that had just bought the property at auction. He said he paid about $100,000 for it and there was about 36 acres and all the ponds and trout stream. He seemed elated. Had I been drinking I probably would have killed him and homesteded the land. Squatters rights, you know. That would have been great because you would all be welcome to fish there with me. Sorry I was sober and let all you down. The mistakes of our past are eternal.
  9. my dad introduced me to fishing and taught me how to fish at the medina fish hatchery 20 years ago. we always caught something. i have some great memories from that place. there were some huge fish in the back ponds. i wish it was still open.
  10. I went to Medina Fish Hatchery once with my dad as a boy. I remember fishing with traditional tactics and getting frustrated to no end untill some kind gentleman gave me some Velveta cheese he was using. Before long we had more trout than we knew what to do with.
  11. I started fishing there about 1977 or so. I was about twelve or thirteen years old. A neighbor started taking me there. He was in his late sixties. We'd start catching fish, and he would start drinking. By the end of the day, he would be pretty smashed, and I would have to drive us home in his '70 LTD with Krager mags and the rag top down. He got a big kick out of it. I could barely see over the steering wheel.

    We used to get there early and setup shop by the back door of the bait shop where the water pipe inlet was (first pond). We would fish with Patzeke's Fireballs on the bottom, and catch the snot out of the trout. I remember it was about $4 a person, and you could keep all you caught. When the new guys bought it, they raised it to $7, and you were only allowed to keep seven fish. You could then buy another ticket, and keep more, if you caught them.

    I remember they tried to put walleyes and pike in the second pond, but it didn't work out.
  12. Lewis


    Funny Het..I too did quite a bit of fishing there around 1976-1978.
    Caught a ton of fish out of that place!
    They used to call me Catfish Charlie.:)
  13. Do you remember a guy named Joe? He used to drive a brown chevy pickup with a cap on it. The cap had trout stickers on it. He used to fish with a jig and maggots all the time. When he would 'jig' it back to him, he'd hold the rod way up high over his head.
  14. Lewis


    Yeah...that sounds familiar.I do remember him.
    Saw some funny things there .
    All the deep sea tackle and giant bobbers.:D :D :D
    Saw a fistfight one time after one guy got hooked in the back by another guy with a large hook and wad of liver!:D
    I cant remember the exact was around 1977-1979.
    I arrived there before daylight.
    As I was arriving a big old Buick was pulled over along side the road just up from the entrance.
    Found out later someone dumped a body.
    I called the authorities and gave them the info.

    I had lots of good time there catching tons of Channel Cats and Trout.

    Did you ever see the guy there slaying the Cats on Catalpa worms?
    Dont know who he was,but he caught lots of fish.
  15. mrphish42

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    Stories of Medina Hatchery always bring thoughts of a certain guy back and his ability to tell fantastik......stories of those days gone bye. That guy is none other than "Ray" from the Rod Makers Shoppe in Strongsville. He used to mfg..... and sell a line of his own "jigs" under the title TNT Lures.......greatest little jigs I ever use back then..... If you are ever in his store, get him started on the tales of fishing wont be sorry. I've known this guy, for over 30 years now.........he can be one fish catchin fool and tell him JON SR. from Cuy. Falls. told you to ask about these stories.
  16. Coot

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    It's about 10 miles from my house.

    I fished there as a kid in the early 70's

    It has been closed for a number of years.

    I wonder what fish still lurk in those waters ?

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  17. If it was a young guy, I know who it was....:rolleyes: Catalpa worms were all over a field near where I lived in Cincinnati, and I never heard of them until moving down there. Brought them up to the Cleveland area quite a bit and had a field day at the hatchery and area metroparks lakes (including flatties in Baldwin when it was a lake) on those worms. Also brought helgramites to the area (bought from Cinci bait stores) and had fun with the creek smallies.

    The hatchery has a lot of memories, since it was one of the only places to consistently catch trout back then (Metroparks stocking was still in it's infancy - dump a ton of trout in one place, fished out a few days later). I learned the trout finesse game there, long rod, 2lb test line, small hook with a single maggot. Once the trout stocking in the rocky improved (weekly seeding replaced dumping) and I found that I could catch decent trout just downstream of the hatchery after a rain, I quit spending the money to catch trout. Would still make a few trips when my dad wanted to relive old memories.

    Along with the trout and cats in the front ponds and the stream, caught a northern and a few nice brown trout in the upper big pond. Also caught some nice cats in the hatchery that was in Elyria (rte 57?) on the smelt that they would stock in their ponds.

    In it's heyday, the Medina trout hatchery served a purpose for easy access and some fish not easily available elsewhere. Now, we have so many public opportunities in the area (stocked rainbows, steelhead, cats, shoreline accessible perch/walleye) that a facility like that one probably wouldn't be profitable.
  18. shroomhunter

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    I remember it too!! I used to enjoy going there and catching those trout. I remember sitting there for a couple hours with nothing happening then all of a sudden someone would catch one and they would bite like crazy for 15 mins or so. Small black hair jig tipped with a maggot jigged about 18" under a weighted bobber. Then I got into the catfish ponds man was that a ball, as soon as they'd bring in the truck to reload the pond the bite was on. I have some good memories of that place.
  19. ========================================================

    Joe is a very good friend of mine and we still get together now and then.
    Joe married the neighbors daughter when I lived in Parma and that is how I met him 39 years ago. :)
    I used to take my Dad to the ponds when after he lost his desire to go to Canada bass fishing. Joe always made sure there was a parking place open for us and would stop and fish with us on his lunch break. Many good times there with Dad and Joe.
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    i always hit there once or twice in the spring. thats where i started to use jig/maggot and learned to move it a bit to get strikes and it still works on the rivers when there is no current. i heard of him stocking some huge catfish in the last 3 ponds and i think 1 went 60 pounds.