Medina County won't land Cabela's

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    Retailer cuts back on openings because of sluggish economy
    By Rick Armon
    Beacon Journal staff writer
    Published on Saturday, May 17, 2008
    Cabela's, the national hunting and fishing retailer, won't open a store in Medina County anytime soon.
    The Nebraska-based company is cutting back on store openings due to the sluggish economy, spokesman John Castillo said Friday.
    ''Given today's uncertain retail climate, we felt it was best to manage our retail expansion consistent with the economic climate,'' he said.
    After opening eight new stores last year, the company has plans for only two this year in Maine and South Dakota; and two next year in Montana and New Jersey.
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  2. I can't believe they are not cognisant of the potential in the northern half of Ohio-or in particular, the northeastern quadrant with the amount of sportsmen, and total population!! I refuse to drive from NE Ohio to Wheeling WVa, or South Eastern Mich. to shop in their fancy stores when I can do it on the internet. If there was a store in the greater Cleveland(Cleve., Medina, Youngstown, Akron, Canton included) area, I would visit it often. They must have their heads where the sun don't shine!-and seem to like to play "baiting games" with towns in this area. Probably looking for free land, tax abatements, etc. as an incentive. Why in he__ would they want to put a store in MONTANA? The whole state population is not what it is in NE Ohio!