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    Probably thought this was a fishing report huh:p :D Got back home a little while ago from just outside of Pittsburg. On the way back I looked at Meander and boy does it look inviting. Very nice looking body of water. Too bad we can't get on it.

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    you funny man. you got me on that one.
  3. cross it every day on my way to youngstown and i thing to my self if i was a construction worker on that sight i would have my ice rod on my tool belt and run over to the edge on lunch lol but yes you are right about it looking inviting
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  5. my dad just got picked to fish their during the summer they let kid go fish the dam area and they had a place you could sign up for a adult trip their and my dad got picked but i didnt fish when they were letting kid it was a riot of people i only saw a few catfish and gills caught their but let me tell you this is the start of them letting people fish their i am almost positive with in 10 year you will see poepl fishing on that lake with electric motors ohh yea my dads fishing thing is this saterday they are leting 50 adults fish the dam area
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    who says you can't fish there? i can set you up with a midnight guided trip, only prerequisite is the ability to run
  7. ...You are right...ezbite ...He got me too... I saw Meander Report and my heart skipped a beat..Good one BigDaddy300....
  8. Back in the 60s when the original I-80 bridge was being built over Meander, my neighbor and I would ride our bikes down and fish off the steel girders like we owned the place :D. We caught mostly bluegill at the time but they were huge. I'd like to share what happened in the decades that followed but then I'd have to kill ya ;) :p.
  9. truely has anyone fished here ihave about 10-15 times not gonna lie man that place is loaded with pike big big lg sm bass and some real nice crappys and real real nice cats my uncle caught a couples eyes down stree from the dam so that only must mean they are in the lake
  10. My buddy and I were pulled off to the side of the road with car trouble one day last spring. He accidentally left a minnow and slip bobber hanging out of the trunk and it got caught in a weed bed next to some submerged brush in Meander.
    By the time I realized what this bonehead had done, we accidentally landed around 12 crappie, one that was 13 inches; and a 20 inch pike. Again this was a total accident and I'm sure there are no fish in there......:rolleyes:
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    if you go up streem from it yo ucan fish rite off 224 and there is damm good fishin there.
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    slab, isn't it a long walk off of 224? i imagine you are talking about the creek just west of canfield.
  13. he is i have fished their many of times also that creek has tons of little perch small crappys and bass i have also netted a small grass pike from their that was about 10 inchs long i once found this nice deep hole and had 4 very large channels in it the biggest one was 29inch teh rest er 26 and 25 very fun little creek
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    I am suprised this was not started by "Wish it were you" lol, this kid is a true fisherman!! i do remember them opening this up for kids but i did not know about the adults lottery (I would of grabbed my neighbors kid) :). i have never fished there but i use to go to this little bridge by the cemetery and throw bread into the water, and once i seen this bass that had to go 15+ pounds, wish i had car trouble that day like Lucky1 ;) DANG CHEVY!!!
  15. the creek you guys are talking about is that just past tippycanoe if you were heading into boardman?
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    no, it would be west of canfield on 224. you'll drop down a bit of a hill near gualt road (?) close to the bus dealer. i believe that is meander creek.
  17. your excatly right i have post reports on here befor about gault rd just look it up that is a very nice creek very nice diffrent types of fish also their are some hoge suckers in that creek
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    well just poot in a cunue ao kyak and work down streem star at 224 and work down to kirk rd. just make sure you have some there to pick you up and you will have a ball bass alot of bass and crappies to try it some time and it leagle lol
  19. is it all private grounds or is there some state land around there i want to change it up a little bit berlin is getting to be ... ehh and i'm not a big fan of milton or WB mainly because the only thing i catch out of them is bluegill thats does not matter what i throw i get a bluegill and i like stream and creek fishin so any info would be great