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Meander Opening for lottery or tourney?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rainer Wolf, May 30, 2004.

  1. I hear talk about Meander resevoir being open to fish for some kind of tourney or lottery. Anybody hear anything about this?
  2. That has been going around for years...
    I fished there by sneaking in
    (long ago)
    and have been caught :eek: BIG FINE...
    For all its worth that is one of the finest bodies of water I ever fished and I caught HUGE fish from L.Bass to Northerns and between...
    Would not be going in there though since the laws have changed to criminal tesspassing YIKES

  3. Hey Rainer,
    There was an article in the Youngstown Vindicator about this. It seems that some of the MVSD ( Mahoning Valley Sanitary District ) board members are interested in possibly opening Meander on a restricted basis. They even mentioned a possible bass tourney. When this article came out we gave a copy to the Girard Lakes Bass Club director & he presented a proposal to the MVSD board to hold a trial, electric only club tourney there & they are considering it. I'll let you know what they decide.
    Bass Day
  4. That would be awesome...
    I'd have to try to at the least enter the very first tourney ;)

    When I fished there I saw trash, bait containers , forked rod holders made from tree branches and foot prints all over, everywhere I went thus I imagine that many fish are taken out each year so they should allow some form of fishing even if its just for children or disabled... :)
  5. Good afternoon...i'm not familiar with the situation at all. why is meander closed to begin with?

  6. From what i understand, Meander is run by the Army corps of engineers, or at least was built by them. Know a guy who has snuck in and fished but never been myself. He raved over the fishing there. Just what I know.
  7. I grew up not far from there and always wanted to try it. I heard that they were very good at catching people. I'm guessing they want to keep it clean because it's the primary water for the youngstown population. I don't think that its because of the Army C of Eng. They are involved with many lakes that are all access.
  8. The whole keeping it clean excuse makes no sense to me, since there is the Berlin/Meander Pipeline which takes water from berlin to meander. It would be the ultimate trip to fish meander for a night. Flatheads?!?!?
  9. All this talk and memories of passing over that lake have me just a droolin over here. Everytime I go out east to Pymatuning or for some other reason, I just cannot help but almost wrecking while crossing Meander. I have so many "favorite" spots from the bridge!! :)
  10. When I did my "few" sneek in I could not belive all the structure and diff types that were highly noticeable... Quality of fish and size were unreal in any experience I ever had in any northern stateside lake anywhere... The northern population must be very high as we caught at least 5-8 each time out and bass were very aggressive and on avg 3-4 lbs and we caught a few in the 7lb class... agghhhh its a dream lake that if openned should be made into a "catch and release" only lake. Did I mention that huge bluegills and crappie?
    One friend said he seen a fish surface that looked to be 4 ft long!!! He did not see the whole fish and said he'd never seen nothing that big ever!!!
  11. Meander is an awesome looking reservior. I too, would love to fish it. For some other hot off limits action, try Lake Rockwell. To hot to talk about.