Meander open to the public!

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  1. Dont know if this was posted previously but Meander will open to the public for one day, Sept 29th 9am-3pm. Sorry guys adults are no allowed to fish! Only children 13 years or younger. Adults who participate in the guided tour of the water plant will have the oppurtunity to enter a raffle where 50 names will be drawn for an adult fishing day to be announced.:B
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    I guess I need to shave REALLY WELL that day....

  3. Do you have to register for the tour?
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    im not disputing this, im just confused why they would do this. what is there to gain? there must be a catch (no pun intended:p ). anyhow, where do you register:D
  5. My guess is that there is a price to pay for the tour of the waterplant and possibly for the raffle. Says nothin about registering kids for fishing that day. Just gives address and time. 9am-3pm

    mahoning valley sanitary district
    1181 ohltown-mcdonald road
    mineral ridge, ohio
    (enter south gate)
  6. Nothing wrong here... confirmed by a story in the Culumbus Dispatch (note: the the dictator... er, sorry...Vindicator). Its about time!
  7. Meant to say... NOT the vindicator... leave it for a Columbus paper to break the story.
  8. Its The Mahoning Valley Sanitary Districts 75th Anniversary. They decided to do this as a 1 time shot as part of the celebration
  9. Actually, in correction, it WAS published in the local paper recently. My bad. I can't wait for my six year old to get a shot at some of those fish! I read where the rules stated no bait containers, and fishing is limited to the shore. I assume that means no live bait and the kids are going to have to brush up on their jigging and crankbaiting, lol.
  10. I would hope that after this event, those in charge would give some thought to opening that lake to the public at least in some limited fashion.

    It is a great local fishing resource and it would be nice to have a place like that even if its electric only or whatever.
  11. I have driven over that lake a couple times in the last month and every time I do I can't stop drooling. I can't even imagine the :B swimming around in there. Anyone even know what it is stocked with? My imagination has been running wild, all that gorgeous structure and all those fish having never seen lures. Insert Homer Simpson Here "mmmmm, easy fish"
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    What time and date is the tour?
  13. Well did anyone go?

    I stopped out and toured the plant after a class I had in the morning. Interesting to see. I didn't make it over to the side they were fishing on thou. One person told me that one kid would be catching fish and the one next to him didn't even get a bite. Another guy said his son got a nice bass.
    Talked to some guys that worked their and they said first thing in the morning it was a mad house, they even had older people with show up with the trunk of their car full of fishing poles thinking they could also fish.

    I signed up for the adult fish, we'll see.
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    Any chance it will be open again to shoot the deer? I remember rumors of record bass in there growing up. I also heard of folks gaining illegal entry but I don't know about that. Its like fort knox.... so riddle me this .... why are columbus's drinking water sources open (Alum Creek/Hoover) and Meander is so secure? Does it go back to WWII safeguards?
  15. You know what, I rather my drinking water supply be secure. I hate to say it but their are way too many A$$ holes out their that would just destroy, over hunt, litter or abuse the land. I know that their are some great sportsman out their and wish everyone was this way. But the truth is the few destroy it for everyone else. I know your going to say charge to have it patrolled but look at it from a business point of view, 3 officers at $30k a year plus truck. Your already at $100k and that is only if they work 5 day a week all three shifts, no weekends. What about selling the permits , now you have to hire someone to do that. So say you think about 1000 people will buy a permit, that would make the permits $100.00 each. that is only to break even. What if some yo ho drops a cigarette in the the pines, now how much is it that going to cost? Would it cause any run off that would hurt the water? Don't forget this is a man made lake owned by the city's of Youngstown and Niles not the state.
    I'm sorry as much as I would LOVE to hunt and fish their it's just not worth it in my eyes.
  16. Murph, I appreciate your comments about idiots spoiling it for everyone, including the true sportsman. All you had to do was go to the outing on Saturday to appreciate what kind of "element" is out there fishing. I see it everywhere I go, it seems, and I'm to the point where I'm ashamed of the general lack of courtesy, respect and common sense many fisherman seem to display.
    However, I respectly disagree with your position regarding closure of natural areas to protect the resource. If that was the case, would you agree w/ closing off Yosemote or Glacier National Parks so that they would not be polluted, burned down, or so we wouldn't have to pay for park rangers? Closer to home, we could protect Pymatuning State Park from the hazards you stated by closing off the area for use. Imagine the money we would save if we didn't need any park personnel too!
    Personally, I think communities that find the resources to fund personnel to staff wildlife positions encourage responsible use of our natural resources. We need more education and much stricter enforcement of our laws regarding pollution.
  17. I don't feel were talking about the same Natural Resources, I agree with you about Yosemite and Glacier National Park and others but those are not man made as meander is. Meander was man made for a water supply, if was a natural lake that they later used for a water supply I would agree that it should be open but thats not the case here.
    Yes I was their Saturday, I didn't make it over to the fishing side but I did see the "element" your talking about and all I can say is God help us all.
  18. Many, if not most lakes in Ohio, are man made.

    The littering problem is a problem and I'm with you; I hate to see that on our waters. But, I don't know if that really constitutes solid reasons to shut them down.

    In the whole scheme of things the littering done in the course of a year around any of our lakes is minor compared to the pollution and litter created by the operation of a single McDonalds fast-food outlet, for example. Apples and oranges? Maybe, but litter is litter and pollution is pollution at the end of the day.

    Having said that, I understand you clearly and part of me agrees with you.
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    I hear what you are saying firemurph ... but are the fences and security folks going to stop someone from throwing something from their vehicle into the water supply... or for that matter rolling a truck of ammonia over the rail?

    With Youngstown downsizing maybe this could be another revenue stream? As suggested use it as a pay lake like what was it called Liberty lake? Sell day passes recording vistor information.