Mean Buck!!!

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  1. My buddy emailed this picture to me and I wanted to share it with the members...
    Thats not a drop tine, Look.... Its another deers antler stuck in that bucks face!! Ever try to rip and antler of the skull of a deer? That buck did it with his face!!!
    Now thats a bad boy. Dont know details.. but thought it was cool...

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    And I thought a hangnail hurt!
  4. Prowler,

    Got that same email at work yesterday. Guess it is making its rounds.
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    Here are some other angles. You can see where the pus is starting to ooze out.

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  6. Did anyone get the scoop on where it was taken, etc? I just got a blank email.
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    man, thats one bad mo fo..
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    This is all my email said.........

    This deer was supposedly taken in Kansas this week. Looks like he was gouged in a fight and ripped the antler off his obviously smaller opponent.
  9. So would that deer be considered a 16 pointer now??


    Prowler - where in Harrison do you live? I hunt in Freeport - been going there for over 25 years now........
  10. Are you f'ing kidding me?
  11. Just think how bad the other deer feels:eek: :rolleyes: :D
  12. Here's another pic along the same lines. This buck has a horn jabbed into his neck.

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  13. I thought WWE's survivor series was this weekend. Looks like Mother Nature's Survivor Series already started. I'm not sure which bucks won. The ones with the antler in them or the ones that had them ripped off. Either way they both look pretty painful.
  14. I can't imagine how painful that was for that buck to have that stuck in his face. Definitley would make a sweet mount.