McCoy mean green extreme line

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  1. i have been using on a trial basis a new line on sale at cripple creek .....McCoys. its a good strong line ,great in the water and the best thing is the no memory it has. i was amazed at the spooling and then the throwing a tough nut to turn but i like it. good strike set also. used this all nite at last cat tournament,VERY GOOD LINE,USED ON THE OLD MITCHEL 300. ;)
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    I talked with Jim about carrying this........the only other place I know of to get it is Cabelas Mail Order, and Jim beats their prices! This is FANTASTIC line. All I can say is try it. If you don't like don't have to buy it again.......but I can 99.9% guarantee you that you will switch over to this line.

    McCoy Mean Green is a Co-Polymar. say "but co-polymar cracks, easy breaks, etc." Not this stuff. It is MUCH stronger than any co-polymar ever produced. Very high abrasian resistance, no memory, low stretch, low visibility in water, etc.

    I spooled up one of my carp reels this past winter with it and fished. It was 18 degrees out. I had 2 screaming runs on the baitrunner reel of it. And if anyone knows anything about a run on a baitrunner.....your line twists like heck from the run. Well.....I can't say it didn't twist at all.....becasue that is nature from the run.....BUT......there was 0 memory in the line......layed flat on the spool.......and no coils at ALL......even in the below freezing weather! Name another co-polymar or florou that will do that!

    I'm so impressed with it that I have 5000 yards waiting on me at his shop to pick up today.