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McCown to start Sunday

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Elamenohpee, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    When I predicted the Browns would upset New England, Butchie was still the coach and Holcomb was still the starter.

    Things have changed quite a bit since then, but only firm-up my belief. I think we will be seeing the future of the Browns in McCown at QB (the kid CAN play) which frees up some money for linemen.
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I just hope he dont get killed out there..I also think he can play...But he has alot going aginst him in this game...No offense line, playing the patriots, and his first nfl expierence.

  3. larry2473

    larry2473 nw ohio flatheads

    I think he can play to but if your line cant stop them from coming he might not be able to play to long watching last weeks game best blocks were made by the backs usally ever notice how often backs end up blocking people
  4. Let me start by saying that I do not believe that Kelly Holcomb is a premiere NFL quarterback. But he was good enough to be number 2 on the depth chart for Cleveland going into last week's game. Then he completes 30/39 (77%) of his passes for 5 touchdowns and puts up 48 points on the board. Granted it was against the Bengals and granted he threw a VERY poor pass late in the game to seal the Bengal victory. But I am sure that his rating from the game was pretty darn high. His rating on the season is 107.6 and it is most of his action was in that game. I would have thought that he earned the right to play again this week. I can sort of see that playing McCown can be good for the future because he is a rookie. But Holcomb is not that old. Yes he is 31, but a young 31 having very little wear and tear on his body over his NFL career. I just think if McCown is ready to play this week then they really screwed up last week in not letting him start against the Bungles. Now they will certainly get critics when things go rough for McCown. But the decision on who to start last week came from the previous head coach and I have to say that a lot of his decisions left me scratching my head. :rolleyes:
  5. Welcome to the NFL.

    A line from the Movie "Cool Hand Luke"?

    Luke say's: Don't hit me anymore...Oh God, I pray to God you don't hit me anymore.

    Let's hope the O-line protects this pup. He's got a canon for an arm. He may just take apart the bruised up Pat's secondary........given time.

    Go Brown's

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    Just the latest "great hope" in a long list of failures by the Browns. Touchdown Tommy Vardell...Tim Couch...Jeff Garcia...they are all horrible football players. It's always funny to see Browns fans optimistic, because I know it will only last a short while. Cleveland...I admire your fans' desire to win...not going to happen boys. :(

  7. Wow Winner! You have quite the bleak outlook on things. But you never mentioned your team loyalty. I am sure no matter what team you follow you can trace several failures. The Browns have had their share of failures but have also had plenty of successes as well. True they have not won the big one in many folks here's lifetime but that will not discourage us from trying. ;)

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    I didn't tell my alliegience right away because I didn't want to show my bias. I am a fan of football first...but if I had to pick a team...I follow the Bengals and the Cowboys. I can tell you a long list of bad things about those teams too... and Super Bowls :p
    It seems though, the Browns have a new "savior" every year. To me, it's blind optimism. Not a lot of questioning going on. That is what I laugh at and my point in the previous post.

  9. I would suspect that Parcells is the flavor (savior) of the year for Dallas. ;) Like I said all fans have optimism at times. :D
  10. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I think Winner is trying to rub salt in our wounds. Thats o.k. Both his teams aren't much better this year, either. I mean, Henson is awesome, and so was Quincy Carter, and INTERCEPTAVERDE! Woo-hoo!

    The Browns, by the way, have won Championships (before there were super bowls). So, put that in your pipe and smoke it :D

    The Browns will not be successful until they have a reliable offensive line.
  11. catking

    catking Banned

    Tommy Vardell.Tim Couch........... Jeff Garcia. One is a super bowl winner, one was OUTSTANDING in college and one was a very good college QB, and they all take a dive in Cleveland??? You have to ask yourself if it's the players, or the organizations way they do things??? Case in point, the Bengals over the last 12 years or so have drafted the very best college has to offer and for the most part, they all flopped . I'm talkin outstanding talent. Heck, we had what 3-4 FIRST picks? .THE CATKING !!!
  12. Just goes to show you that all the tallent in the college game doesn't always translate to the next level. I always wondered how much of cinci's problems have been the players or the organization. Seems for years the organization has had a rap for being a real mess. I never followed to team enough to really give it much thought. All teams seems to have one or two draft picks that were world beaters in the NCAA, but completely washed out in the NFL so we can't just pint that on the Browns or Bengals. Likewise, teams seem to occasionally find players that were marginal in NCAA, but prove to be studs at the NFL level... The draft is a real crap shoot, you just never know what you got for a year or two afterwards.

    Hey Winner, your forgot Mike Junkin... ;)

    bkr43050: Kelly Unitas has three cracked ribs, that's why he's out this week. One think with Holcomb, he puts up good numbers from time to time (see KC, Pitt and Cinci), but one thing about all those games is none went into the "W" column. Until those numbers start translating into wins, I doubt he'll ever start for us (or many other teams).

    Luke has some wheels and he's gonna need them... In his favor though he's played so little the pats don't have much film on him and he may take them by suprise. I call it the Jared Wright effect.

    Heck I'll even tack on a good article I read the other day from pat Mac on

    Speaking of buckets and shovels
    By Pat McManamon, Editor
    December 1, 2004

    Terry Robiskie carried a shovel and a bucket of ice into his first team meeting as coach of the Cleveland Browns.

    Robiskie looked around, then asked anyone on the Browns to stand up if they considered themselves a team leader.

    Almost 25 players stood up. Robiskie had them all come to the front of the room.

    He then asked each player: “If you were going into a fight, who would you take with you?” Each player picked someone still sitting in the meeting room.

    Robiskie then grabbed the shovel. He walked to the middle of the room and said: “If I were digging a hole to hell and was going to fight the devil and had nothing but this bucket of ice to fight him with, would you go with me?”

    Players listened.

    “Guys, that’s what is going to happen here. We have five games left. Nobody knows what’s going to happen after that. We’re heading into hell with nothing but a bucket of ice to fight with. Nobody expects a thing from us. We can go in together, stand with each other, or we can our separate ways.”

    Though Robiskie didn’t get a standing ovation like he did in Washington after his first team meeting as interim coach, players heard what he said on Wednesday.

    “He put it out there and let us know what’s at stake and he put a challenge ahead of us,” running back William Green said. “That’s what we want to do – go out these next five weeks and make the best of it.”

    For whatever reason, the man the Browns hired as coach for the rest of this season seems to connect with players. It’s been that way at every place Robiskie has coached. Redskins players loved him and lobbied for him as permanent replacement for Norv Turner in 2000. One Browns player – who was a Redskin that year as well – has started doing the same thing.

    “I know how Terry is,” Kenard Lang said. “I like him as a person, I like him as a coach. I know what he tries to do and does.

    “I want to win some games so he can stay as the man. Everybody stays together. The whole team stays together. The whole coaching staff stays together.

    “I know Terry can do it. Everybody here feels it. They’re comfortable and ready to go.”

    Butch Davis, who resigned on Tuesday, even relied on Robiskie’s relationship with the players to garner some help at a tough time last season. When the Browns cut Kevin Johnson, it was Robiskie who presented the case to support the move. A potential revolt was silenced.

    “There isn’t a guy in this locker room that doesn’t respect Terry,” one player said at the time.

    For a couple reasons. One is that Robiskie played the game and he understands what the players experience. He was a star running back at LSU in college, then spent five years with the Raiders and Dolphins. He’s also been a coach for 23 years.

    The other is that Robiskie is unfailingly honest.

    “He’s always been a straight-shooter,” Green said “He tells it like it is and he’s a good coach.”

    “Everything he says to you is how he feels,” tight end Steve Heiden said. “He says it from his heart. Even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, he’ll say it right to you.”

    Davis … well let’s just say that some players had problems with the way he dealt with them. Barring a sudden change, Robiskie will be more direct – and he will deal with problems.

    “Terry’s going to come up to you man to man and he’ll ask what the problem is and he’s going to solve it,” Griffith said. “But if it’s blatant it’s got to be dealt with, and he will.”

    “He’s real about it,” Lang said. “Like Thanksgiving. Chopping up heads and serving them for dinner.”

    Robiskie already pleased the players by changing some rules and relaxing the requirements on road trips – players previously had little time to spend on their own and were not allowed to leave the hotel to go out to eat.

    Veterans now report at 10, and they’re done by 4. Special teams players meet at 8:45 instead of 8. Sounds like bankers hours, but Robiskie had his reasons.

    “We had so many spaces and places and positions that those guys had to be in the course of the day,” Robiskie said. “And it’s been a long year. Players are beat and battered and bruised and guys are aching and sore and hurting.

    “I thought the first thing we should possibly do is try to restructure a little bit so we could still get their work done but at the same time get them in the building and get them out of the building.

    “We feel like we’re getting our work done, but we’re doing it in a shorter period of time.”

    Players have long complained that under Davis they spent too much time going over things – “You can only do it so many times,” one player said – and were given too many restrictions on the road.

    “We are professional football players,” Earl Little said. “We aren’t in college.”

    Safety Robert Griffith and other veterans once asked Davis if players could go out to eat on Friday when the team went to San Francisco. Davis responded by saying OK as long as it was from this list of three restaurants.

    Griffith long advocated more freedom on the road.

    “I came through in the Denny Green system where every man was treated like a man,” safety Robert Griffith said. “You knew your job. If we’re out of town, the meeting is at 8; be there at 8. If you’re not there at 8, there’s something else going on. I’m not going to find you, but if you’re not there at 8 there are going to be consequences and repercussions.

    “Everyone has to be accountable for their own actions.”

    The overall mood the day after Davis resigned was upbeat and relaxed. Robiskie said the team had more spirit during practice than the Redskins the first day he took over as interim coach.

    It could have been the change to Robiskie, whose style is so different from Davis’. Or it could have been that the cloud of uncertainty that had lingered so long had finally been lifted. Or it could simply be the respect players have for Robiskie.

    “Practice showed it,” Lang said. “You know how you had substitute teacher at school and everybody acts the donkey? There was none of that. Everybody respects him as a man and as the head coach.”

    It all means nothing, though, if the Browns don’t win. The players know it. Robiskie knows it. He lasted three games at Washington because the Redskins did not win. To Robiskie the only thing that matters is winning. Earlier this season the Browns offense had a mediocre performance in a win over Washington and Robiskie was asked his thoughts as he left the press box.

    “We won,” he said. “That’s my thought. That’s my only thought. When we win I have no other thoughts.”

    Robiskie also knows that the Browns will be facing New England – the defending Super Bowl champions - on Sunday with some serious handicaps. Rookie quarterback Luke McCown may start. Wide receiver Andre’ Davis was placed on injured reserve on Wednesday. Running back Lee Suggs (toe) and cornerbacks Daylon McCutcheon (toe, shoulder) and Michael Lehan (hamstring) may not play.

    The odds clearly are against the Browns – as if they are fighting the devil with nothing but a bucket of ice.

    “Sunday at 1 New England is going to be here,” Robiskie said. “Somebody is going to be at Cleveland Browns Stadium ready to play. That team on the other side of the field doesn’t care what we’re going through. They don’t sympathize with us. They don’t feel sorry for us. They’re coming to win a football game.

    “I’ll be standing at one end, and Bill Belichick at the other end. We’ll be there ready to go to war. If guys are ready to stand behind me, let’s go.”
  13. I don't totally agree with that theory because the quarterback does not play on the defensive side of the ball. Are you saying that if the Browns had Brett Favre in that game and he put up 48 points and lost by 10 that he would still be on the bench the next week? ;)

    As I said before, I am anxious to see what McCown has as well but if he is ready this week then why was he not given the chance to get his feet wet with Cincy instead of being thrown right into the fire with the Pats? I know the decision was made under Davis' watch but I have to think that other coaches knew that they were close to giving McCown a chance. I would be interested to know whether those coaches chose to say nothing or whether Butch displayed his usual stubborn bullheaded attitude and chose to ignore them.
  14. From what I understand, Gaicia's shoulder is still messed up.
    Holcomb cracked 3 ribs in last weeks game. He's out. Holcomb would have started this week if the he wasn't injured.
    Luke is next in line.
    F. Jacson is now the backup to Luke, should he go down.
  15. I did not hear that injury report. That makes more sense. I guess I now see what Blance meant by his "Kelly Unitas" reference. I was lost on that one until now. I guess I am just a bit slow this morning. :D

    Let's hope we don't need to use Jackson Sunday. :eek:
  16. I read a article on Jackson last year. It stated that Jackson has the strongest arm on the team. He just doesn't know where it's going once he releases it. :eek:
  17. I always though that the Super Bowl was the championship game of the NFL,one conference versus the other.If that's still the case,then the Browns have definitely won their share of world championships,it's the SAME GAME,just has a different title.Last time I looked,the Bengals,Bills and Vikings have the same number of SB wins as the Browns.Everybody keeps praising Cowher and what a great winner he puts together every year,how many times has he won it all? I have to agree with the one guy about some of the Brown's failure's,but you can't put Garcia in there.Couch,definitely,Holcomb,he is what he is,a backup.I've never really heard anyone ever claiming that any of these guys were saviours though.
  18. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I thought McCown did Ok for his first game, and he should start the rest of the season.
  19. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    If the kid can get some reps in, he'll be fine. I like him because there was no media hype with him. If he works out, the managment will have some money freed up for some linemen.
  20. That is a good plan but how soon does it free up money? I don't know how long they signed Garcia for? Maybe someone here knows. But I am sure it was at least a multiple year contract of some sort. I am not a real Garcia fan. I just don't know how long we may have to suffer from some of Butch's decisions.:rolleyes:

    It would be nice though to see them get a promising young quarterback to truly build a system around.