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McComb Action

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Pond Hopper, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Just checking to see if anyone has "played" at McComb recently. Figure it might be one of the clearer places to try with all this rain that we've had. Thanks ahead of time for any good word. Note: As for trying to the west, tried Paulding Reservoir Sat. AM. Quiet day but only one 15" saugeye. If, however, you want cats, that's a place to go! Big, medium & small - All sizes. Didn't matter if you used crawlers or leeches.
  2. beach5

    beach5 Eat, sleep, fish..repeat

    My brother went out there with four other guys on sunday afternoon and caught over 200 gills in four hours, "lots of big ones" around 8". I don't know any other details and he probably inflated the the numbers, but he did bring home a mess to clean.

  3. Numbers aren't inflated. It's the real deal out there right now for Big Gills
  4. can anyone provide driving directions from the toledo area?
  5. cherrell136

    cherrell136 she fishes too

    Head South on 75 to the Van Buren exit (St. Rte. 613) turn right on 613 and follow it all the way to McComb. Turn left at the first stop sign in McComb (intersection of 613 and 186) Over the tracks, past the park you will turn in to the left and then right at the first ball diamond. You will see the big res. from there. Parking is on top.

    Happy fishing
  6. Dad and I fished from 9-1pm. Kept about 80 Gills that were atleast 7". A few over 10". Released probably another 150-200 that were 5"-6". We ran out of bait at 12 noon. Ended uip using eyeballs and bluegill meat for bait the rest of the time, then it got too windy.
  7. My wifes grandfather fished there a lot b4 he became ill, my friend and I are going to have to give it a shot.
  8. The blue-gil bite is on there, but alot of little ones to go threw. Most bigger fish come from 25ft out from the bank, but then the cats are cruising that depth and they sure give the ultra-lite a work out! I was useing worms and slip bobber-6ft deep.
  9. McComb still hot,, 11-8-9 inch bluegill, 1- 13.5 inch crappie, and a couple channel cats.
  10. Went yesterday. Only found little gills, one cat. What bank you fishing? I was on west bank.
  11. Dad kept roughly 80 big Gills on Mon and Tues. Lots of catfish also. Just using Ice Jigs tipped with small piece of crawler. Find the fish on depth finder and usually they are suspended at about 8 feet.
  13. I fish from the west side also. Cast out 50ft. and bring back in til you find were the bigger fish are. I set the slip-bobber around 7 -8 ft. have been useing 3rd. of a worm. I got a 13.5in. crappie, that was a treat to see!
  14. Dammit Tim! Now there will be less for me to take home when I go this weekend:) When Dad went 2 days ago with the kids, they were slamming the cats as fast as he was the Gills. I'll be out there Sat and Sun morning.
  15. Hey guys, I've got a couple questions. My dad and I have never fished down there before, we fish a lot of reservoirs west of toledo. We are thinking of heading down there for some bluegills.

    Is it boat accessible? Where are some good places to fish?


    BB (and dad) :)
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    I got into some nice gills last night. Kept approx. 20 7" to "8 ers. Caught a few on waxies but caught most on a small pink jig with a grub body. The smaller gills (tons of them!) were stealing my waxies too fast. Lost a nice 12"+ crappie. Going to try it either tonight (Fri) or Saturday. Anyone getting any saugeye?
  17. Yes it can be fished with a boat, but a small one. There is only a ramp, no dock. The place is only maybe a 100 acers. It is a easy place to fish, parking on top. Tons of little bluegil so you have to figur out how to avoid those and dail in on the bigger fish.
  18. 3 of us fished today from 8am till 1pm. After cleaning, we had 9.5lbs of fillets. My buddy caught a 5lb Albino channel cat on a little bluegill. Just using a small hook about 18" below a 1/4oz splitshot with a small piece of crawler. Fishing anywhere from a few inches off the bottom to the surface. we literally were catching giant bluegill just inches under the surface sometimes. The only ones we keep under 7" are the ones we hook too deep. Pretty sure I'll be out there tomorrow. And before anybody freaks out about how many we are taking, trust me, there are thousands of decent sized Gills we are releasing that most people would happily keep.
  19. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    My wife, my dad and me were there right before the heavy rain started (2:30) We only had time to get 4 nice gills before the storm hit but I did get a Fish Ohio gill, "11. I'm with you Red, I see a lot of guys keeping a lot of the gills under 7". There is a noticeable difference in the size of fillet between a 6" and a 7" gill. Another year and those 6"ers will be keepers. We are going to hit it again in the morning. Hopefully the storm won't shut them off. Red, have you got any saugeye this year at McComb?
  20. Is a 16' Tracker Deep-V boat too big? I'm also assuming the reservoir is electric motors only, correct?

    Thanks again,