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Mayweather or McGregor ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistedcatfish1971, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Mma rules would be ridiculous...theres boxing involved in mma involved in boxing...and floyd doesnt throw hard shots...he'll just chip away at connors face...connor wont be able to see by the 6th round...
  2. Lol, ghetto mma bs. Boxing is out dated and circling the porcelain hole. It's as entertaining as tennis. I do respect the sport but to compare it to mma.. it's ridiculous. It's laughable that anyone would think Mayweather could last even a single round if this was a real fight. But it's not, it's boxing. So I'll put my money on Mayweather. Conner has some heavy hands but he'll have to get very lucky to win. With that being said I think these are two of the smartest guys out there. They've been setting this up for years, just slowly reeling us in. They'll both be laughing at us as they walk to the bank... Good for them.
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  3. Herd this on the radio... back in the day I think it was jim Brown and ali. Jim Brown wanted to box ali they met where Ali was training to approach him. Ali looked at Brown an said I'll give so and so minutes to try and land a punch on me,go all out,and I won't swing back. Brown started going at Ali for a few minutes,never came close to even touching Ali no body shots no nothing.
    Not saying mayweather is even close to ali, but I am saying,good luck landing a punch conner
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  4. Would be just as ridiculous, lopsided of a matchup if this fight was an MMA fight with Floyd most likely not making it out of the 1st round.
    Wouldn't watch this fight if it were an MMA fight either.
    Floyd, although a sometimes boring fighter depending on his opponent due to his defensive style, is an expert at making his opponent pay dearly for their mistakes when they attack.
    McGregor is an aggressive fighter. Floyd is the champion. McGregor is going to have to take the fight to Floyd and he knows it. And that 'fight' is boxing skills only.
    When he does, he's gonna get blistered cause he just has no where near the boxing talent of Floyd...and rightfully so.
    Again, these two matching up is a joke for boxing and would be even a bigger joke for MMA. Is nothing but a payday for both and will get Floyd his 50-0 record. Which at this stage of the game, is most likely more important to him then the $. There are a couple fighters(boxers) out there that could give Floyd more of a run for his $ then McGregor....and IMO, Floyd knows it. But he wants that 50-0 so he chose McGregor for the win.

    There will be two losers at the end of this fight.
    McGregor, and the sport of boxing in general.
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  5. I agree mostly,except I think this with the combination of free cable fights will somewhat being it back. No where near the level it once was. But with the mma around,nothing will put boxing back on top again.
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  6. Agree!
    Have been a huuuuge boxing fan all my life and sadly, it's a real shame at what the sport has come to today. And that deterioration started long before MMA came along. IMO, The likes of Don King was the start of the downfall of boxing...but that's another thread.
    Though I'm not a big MMA fan but do watch it now and then, there is no doubt that it sets well above the sport of boxing in popularity.
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  7. Narwhal

    Narwhal Medina county/ fox haven

    I like the ggg vs canelo fight. Back in the day a loss on your record wasn't as bad as as today. Boxing would get better if the fights ppl want to see would happen. Instead everyone ducks everyone
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  8. The fight is not sanctioned so I don't think he can count it against his record.
  9. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    1. I think it's a dumb fight. Boxers should fight boxers and MMA fighters should fight MMA fighters.
    2. I would never pay to see this.
    3. Mayweather will win easily.
    4. I too would like to hear afterwards (because I obviously won't be watching it) that Mcgregor put a knee into his face!

    I think boxing is dying a slow death. Nobody cares especially young people. It's mostly unattainable for them. MMA is on all the time, has young stars, and is usually entertaining to watch!
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  10. Its my understanding the the WBA is not sanctioning the fight but the State of Nevada Boxing Commission is. Therefore, I believe the fight will affect Floyds professional record.
    And FWIW, I believe this fight will be considered McGregors 1st professional boxing match and start his official professional boxing record as well.
  11. Also just heard they may make them wear 10oz gloves as opposed to if connor wasnt already in trouble only throwing 4oz MMA gloves...he'll feel like he has bricks on his hands by the 4th round.
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  12. I put the information for this fight through my Giveashitometer and it spit out a big fat ZERO. I'll be doing something more useful whenever this farce, I mean fight, happens.
  13. gees.... they want 99 bucks? (timewarner) wow.
  14. And guess who's putting the event on...Mayweather Promotions. :D
  15. bobk


    Lmao, I have to get one of those fancy meters.
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  16. pedex


    Mayweather either cuts him and fight is stopped early or McGregor can't handle the pace and gasses which he did with Nate Diaz at which point Mayweather pours it on and its game over. McGregor has a punchers chance to get lucky in the very early rounds after that its all Mayweather.
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  17. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    This is a boxing match....... my money is on the boxer. If it was a MMA match..... my money goes on the grappler. The sports are related, but that is about where the relationship ends.
  18. I really don't like mayweather but he's a boxer and mcgregor is not.. There's a huge difference between their fighting styles. If the fight is inside the octagon I'd go for mcgregor for sure but it's not.. It's just another money fight there's really no contest I think..
  19. Giveacrapometer..... you guys slay me.......

    Yeah, it's the American way, it's all about the $$$$

    McGregor and Mayweather might just choreograph it ahead of time. This "fight" is most certainly about the cash, nothing more.
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