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Mayweather or McGregor ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistedcatfish1971, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    Who's your pick?

    I think McGregor inside of the 1st minute of the 5th round. The guy is an absolute monster and can do real damage. Floyd is dam good and an awesome defensive fighter...but I got a feeling.
  2. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    Mayweather will destroy him.
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  3. I'd personally like to see it at MMA rules.... not sure pretty boy Floyd would keep up with the intensity. I have a feeling McGregor can demoralize Floyd with his abilities to take a hard shot and end up winning
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  4. Mayweather all day any day...connor is gonna eat sooooo many jabs...and he wont be able to touch floyd...floyd will wear him out.
  5. Narwhal

    Narwhal Medina county/ fox haven

    I got Floyd winning by ko 8 th rd - maybe stopped for cuts. Floyd should be able to land shots all night
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  6. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    The boy is a beast (mcgregor ) going to be a heck of a fight. He sure has the best shot because of his attitude and desires to hammer floyd. Anything can happen and it probably will.

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  7. KPI


    Mayweather I am hoping
  8. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    I'll be eating catfish when this fight goes down lol.
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  9. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    IMO, sadly this matchup just further goes to show what professional boxing has stooped to.
    Nothing but a $ fight for Mayweather...and a 50-0 record.
    That's why Mayweather pick McGregor for this fight. Wants that 50-0.
    Ref stops fight in 9 with TKO due to cuts.
    Mayweather in 9.
    Having said all that, let them get in the ring under MMA rules and Mayweather doesn't last 2 rds.
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  10. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    Cuts...not so sure with the cuts to connor unless there is a so called unintentional head butt. Pretty boy don't last 1st round if mma rules apply lol...too much excitement and opportunities to just flat out lay into floyd! Sorry just don't see the cuts come into play for mr. Money...heck floyd better hope connor don't's what will just give him the motivation to go sons of anarchy on him lol.
  11. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Mayweather is going to destroy him. This is real Boxing, not Ghetto MMA bs.
  12. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    I like the Irish guy..
  13. You mean the Irish black guy with those dangerous jabs. Connors training partner is saying he won't last 4 rounds. Nobody is criticizing his technique and only coddling him. He makes big mistakes while sparring with a guy that isn't half as good as money is. While rotating sparring partners like all boxers train with he can't adjust to the different swinging motions of the fighters. I have mr notorious taking a nap before the 6th rd bell. He can't handle the adjusting to those fingerless gloves.
  14. Floyd is one of the best all time at not getting hit. It was almost a little boring watching him fight Paquiao because he just bobbed and weaved and ducked Manny's punches the entire time.

    I will be surprised if Connor manages to land any meaningful punches, Floyd is just that good avoiding them. I think that as the fight goes on, when Macgregor gets worn out Floyd will catch him slipping and knock him out.

    Mayweather in the 4th by KO
  15. Does it really matter? It's just a fight so a couple of guys can get some extra cash. You couldn't pay me to watch it. Now flip it around and have them fight using MMA rules and I would be all over it. I'm not a huge fan of MMA, but I'm less of a fan of Mayweather's fighting style. He is such a defensive fighter it has made for some very boring fights. Now add the grappling portion in so that Floyd can't run and that would be worth seeing.
  16. The pressers are even brutal to watch. They sound like 2 wwe entertainers. It's baffling the amount of money involved. Good for both of them for cashing in. At the same time,not getting my cash;)....

    I also think it will be over fast,or mayweather will just jab him to death an win in a decision. Conner will have a hard time landing a punch. An will ware himself out trying...
  17. Dude, eat about 40 jabs to your face and then take a quick look in the mirror...thats connor by the 5th round...and yes, he'll be busted open...and yes, they'll probably stop the fight as they should...this isnt mma...pretty boy will still be pretty at the end of this one for sure...connor won't touch him.
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  18. I like McGregor, mma and he walks away with the fight, don't think he can stand with Mayweather though. It's all about the money in which I won't be making any contributions to.
  19. bobk


    I hope McGregor knees that tool in the head and walks off saying that's for all the woman you beat up.
  20. Connor is a bigger tool though...