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    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Maytag Performa washing machine is the most cheaply and poorly constructed poc i have ever owned.

    clips barely thicker than a paper clip are used to hold a lot of the tubes in place. a few came loose after only about a week.
    the timer knob rattles like crazy
    it recently sounded like a freight train in the house and it was the pump that went bad, had to spend 70 bucks for a pump and a new belt.
    now i hear new grinding/squealing noises. gee what a suprise. something else is ready to break.

    ive been disappointed with this "great Maytag quality" since day one. (only 7 years ago!)

    i wouldnt take another maytag if someone offered me one for free.

    the kicker is that the washing machine that was in this house that i "upgraded" (LOL) to Maytags great quality and reputation was 40 years old!! (it started leaking)

    hey you read all this huh? thanks for listening. :)

    im thinking about what good, quality, durable, long lasting wash machine to get next. 8 years of service is too much to ask of a maytag i guess.
  2. Sounds like you are in a whirlpool of bad luck with that machine.
    If I was you, I’d pitch it and get a ………..

    yep, I read it, it's 3:54 am --- not much else to do. :)

  3. the best dryer I ever bought cost me $50. I bought it 6 years ago when we moved to our new house (old dryer was gas and new house was plumbed for electric). It was a rebuild unit from a guy that sold used appliances. I wish I kept his number.

    to this day, the dryer still works great.
  4. My washer and dryer are both Maytag Performa series. They are value-priced models. They aren't top of the line. If you got 7 years out of yours, I think you got exactly what they are designed for. You paid 50 bucks a year to wash your clothes. You'd spend that in about 3 months at a laundromat.

    If you don't like it, go out and spend double or triple the price on something else that is built to last. Unfortunately, this is the reality. I don't like it any more than you. But nonetheless, this is the reality. Seems like you need to drop at least a grand per appliance these days for any type of quality...which is not cool.

    AS far as "the great Maytag Quality" you are referring to...those commercials with the bored Maytag repair guy are over 20 years old.
  5. And he probably speaks Spanish or Chineese now.
  6. I bought a 'matched set' of Maytag Performas in '96. They worked flawlessly up until about five months ago. The dryer started sounding like two monkeys fighting over a pop can full of nickles, so I replaced it with a Maytag Legacy Series dryer. It cost about $650, but it looks really cool and is super quiet.

    I figure twelve years of service is good enough. My girlfriend is the type that if you throw a shirt in the hamper, she runs downstairs and throws it in the washer, by itself, so I know It's been worked hard in the last seven years.

    The washer still works fine.
  7. We have the same washer/dryer set that we received from my in-laws as a wedding gift 17 years ago. It is a Sears/Kenmore and it has been used a TON. It has been through not just my wife and I but we have 3 boys as well to dirty up the clothes. It probably runs at least 1/2 loads every day and several days well beyond that. On the washing machine I think I have replaced the motor once the clutch. I did it myself so the repair was not that expensive. I think the only repair on the drier has been a belt and heater, again with not much cost involved. So I know whenever ours decide to bite the big one I will be shopping at Sears again.

  8. Same here, we have had our "rebuilt set" for over 5 years. The guy we bought from, gets the turn ins from Lowes and Home Depot. When someone buys a new set they offer to remove the old set for free, then this guy picks them up from the store and refurbs them.

    I was a bit leery at first but turns out we got a great deal.
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    FYI... MAYTAG only exists in name only. Whirlpool bought them out a while ago.

    I used to sell appliances. Performa was their entry level machines. It was good for what it was designed for. Sorry to say, but 6 or 7 years was the life cycle the machines were going to be good for. It's called "built in obsolescence". It's how they keep selling new machines.

    If you were unhappy with these, whatever you do, don't buy a Frigidare, Hotpoint or pretty much any washer or dryer priced below $300.

    I have a pair of the Atlantis series Maytags. Great machines. But then I paid over $800 for the pair too. (I don't believe the ATLANTIS series are made anymore)
  10. That guy has a great system set up. I am sure he may get true junk ones at times but others are not beyond repair and for someone with the expertise to repair them they still have a life left to them. The mechanical portion of the units are not very complicated and most parts can be replaced at a reasonable cost. The electronic portion is where the repair probably becomes too costly.
  11. Which is why I can't see the reason for buying the cheaper ones. For a couple of hundred more you got something that will last you far more than what two sets of the disposable units will.;)
  12. Like KaGee said, Maytag was bought out by Whirlpool some time ago. Whirlpool slowly phased out traditional Maytag qualities such as the all ceramic drum in favor of cheaper and easier to produce materials. Believe it or not this was explained to me by the Whirlpool sales people at Home Depot.
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    we bought a set of maytags back in 1975 and they lasted until 2003. only replaced e 2elements in the dryer. I guess back then they were made better huh Keith? The maytag frige sucked, only got 3 yrs out of it.
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    Ya, Maytag never got the refrigeration side locked down like they did laundry. If I recall, Maytag got involved in refrigeration business through a buyout of somebody. That's usually not good... take over somebody who already has trouble.

    Whirlpool makes the best refer boxes IMO. In their hay-day, Maytag's laundry were bullet proof.
  15. The brand names really don't have the same meaning these days due to buyouts, takeovers, and mergers. From what I understand:

    Whirlpool = Maytag = Amana = Jenn-Air = KitchenAid = Magic Chef = Admiral = Dependable Care (commercial laundry) = some Kenmore.

    Once a takeover/merger is done, the plant closings and transfers of a single design to many labels follow. They ruined the Hoover brand by buying it out, moving most jobs to Mexico (many from North Canton), then selling it off at a discount.
  16. I have the Neptune front load washer not a bit of problems, Maytag dishwasher on the other hand has had some issues with the electronics but I called directly and they sent me new parts, thing is the parts were made in CHINA.

    Manufacturing in this country is all but lost! Sad thing.
  17. athensfishin'

    athensfishin' Fighting the Man

    Thats not entirely a bad thing, that is unless your are manufacturing labor, in which case it's time to get new job training. The country has shifted away from manufacturing and into management and investment. The days of single country economies are over, welcome to the global market place.
  18. While a lot of what you say is valid...

    Try telling the 55 year old father of 3 that he needs to work 2 jobs while getting the "new" training that you so flippantly suggested. :rolleyes:
  19. Thanks for making me bust out the dictionary first thing in the morning.