Maybe Its just I am getting Old BUT !!!!!

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  1. Don't know why this just hit me but does anyone else feel the prices are getting ridiculous on fishing equipment.

    Case in point I have 40.00 Okuma spinning reels that operate flawless, and are a pleasure to use. What the heck could you make better that justifies a spinning reel that sells for above 300.00

    Rods - while looking for a super ultralight BLANK ( a blank mind you not a whole rod ) i ran across blanks selling in the mid 300.00s

    I just cannot get used to the idea that its possible to put a rod and reel together that costs more than my first boat. Please don't get me wrong I invest plenty in my favorite passion ( I would say hobby buts its more serious than that ). But its getting to the point where I feel some of the manufacturers of this equipment are taking the sportsmen on a " keeping up with the jones ride ".

    How say the rest of you youngsters and oldsters ?
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    Yeah, I am with you. Check out fly gear, it is very, very pricey. When fishing for salmon, I reel in the fish quite well with my $35 reel from BPS as my fishing partner does with his $300 reel. I am sure his drag is a little better, but I'll keep my money!

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing looking through the BPS and cabelas catalogs I got recently. Hard to find rods that look decent for under $75. And when did lures and plugs skyrocket? $10-$20 and up are ridiculous. especially at the rate I lose 'em. I don't think the manufacterer's saw this economy coming and are in for a disappointing year.
  4. I guess I noticed this a while back when I realized that younger folks have no problem paying $150 to over $200 for a pair of tennis shoes (that wear out at the same rate or less than a $40 pair or become out of style before they wear out)
    When I graduated high school (1976) a new top of the line Cadillac cost $12,000 ( I was earning around $8 an hour). Thirty three years later, I'm making about $20 an hour and a new "cadi" is over $60,000. I guess I'll never catch up.
    As long as there are people that will buy goods and products at those prices then companies will offer them at higher and higher prices.

    "This one must be better look how much it cost" LOL !!
  5. look at cabelas saltwater book...there is a reel in there for over $800 with out a BAIL!! if ya want one with a bail its another $100!! and you have to manualy return the bail to retrieve!!! i have $1000's in gear but yet my most expensive combo is under $100...
  6. Why does it bother you? Does expensive houses, cars, trucks, TVs, and electronics bother you? Just drive on by. Thats what I do.

    The only time I react to such things is when a salesman confronts me. Then I reply "You're barking up the wrong tree. I still use Mitchell 300s"...;)
  7. I think about it more then I should I remeber and still have my first zebco 33 didnt think i would ever need anything else lol. Grandad if he wasnt useing the rod and reel he got with his Magnavox points it was a zebco404 or the giant 800 and grandma used whatever she happend to pick up and they reeled in plenty of fish. Dads steel rod still cracks me up.
  8. I am glad to see that I am not alone in thinking this way. I fished this summer in several tournaments with my cousin. I fished with the rods and reels that I spent probably 20-50 dollars on and he fished with the high dollar rods and reels. We ended up catching about the same number of fish over the course of the year. He still swears by his high dollar equipment and says that I would catch even more if I invested in better equipment. I think I will just stick with what I have and possibly miss a fish or two.

    By the way I picked up a nice Daiwa Shock combo at Land Big Fish early in the summer for 20 or 30 dollars and I just love it. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced (if not cheap) combo that can take a beating I would highly recommend it.

  9. I just dropped 150 at gander yesterday and hardly got anything. Those shadraps are $5-6 a piece. for a hook with some lead on it.
  10. papaperch..I am on the same brain wave you are...My steelhead rods have the old Mitchell 300's on them ..Picked most of them up at flea markets $15 to $20..Work for me no problems..I also use them on my crappie rods...I do have some newer one's ...But I will not spend over $30's for a new reel...These Co's like BPS and Cabelas are pushimg the prices up and they think we are stupid, and will buy...Can't see spending $30 to $50 for a musky lure ,,,and go out and loose it on the first cast...The way the economy is today I'll use my cheapie rods and reels..and catch just as many fish as the next guy...Six months to a year...don't buy these high priced Fishing Equipment the prices come down...and the sales thay will have...A lot of us are thinking the same as you......Jim......
    P.S.It is we the fishermen that keep them in business..
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  11. I have noticed the same thing, my son lost a couple jitterbugs one night last summer and I was almost ready to cry, shooting related items are even worse.
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    Mymother in law always doe's the best at the campground and other lakes she fishes. Even beats me at thats hard to do.hahaha But she uses a scooby Doo zebco. On the charter I took her on this year to erie she caught the most on the boat!
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    That's how i feel about electronics. Would love to have a side imager but just cant see paying $2000 to $3000 for one. Almost cried when i paid $500 for the Eagle 640C that i have. Gonna wait about 5 years and see if the price comes down.
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    I will stick with my Michells and Diawas. To think the most i have spent on a reel is 50 for a Mitchell 300xe spinning reel. Love it.
  15. I personally think spending money on a good rod is a good investment. Most rods I own run over a $100. I primarily buy St. Croix premieres, avids, and wild rivers. There is a very distinct difference in feel and weight from a $30-50 rod, IMO. As far as reels go, I refuse to spend more than $70 on a reel. I have a few daiwas, okumas, and a few shimanos that are more expensive. The Daiwas and Okumas are every bit as good if not better than my shimanos. They seem to be smoother, last longer, and are half the price. I dont buy alot of plugs anymore but $7 and up per lure is gettin a bit rediculous. These new 3D patterns and stuff they put on them dont impress me or the I will just keep on making my own jigs and buying grubs by the 100 pack. A tried and true combo that catches fish and costs very little to make.

  16. I personally love using high end equipment. I work hard for my money, and after I'm done paying the bills and putting some back for retirement and my kids education, I feel no remorse endulging my appetetite for fine equipment. I don't go to bars, and I don't smoke. How much do you think that adds up to at the end of the year? How many of you guys have motorcycles? Does that cost more than a $500 real?
    As far as the SW reel that costs $800 w/ no bail... I assume you're referencing the Van Staal. I have one and use it for a very specific purpose. I fish SW quite a bit and its one of the few reels that is completely dunkable in saltwater w/ no adverse effects. Waves wash over my kayak and equipment all the time, and this reel is bulletproof and will not bind up or rust. There's no doubt my children will be using it when I'm gone. Lastly, there's a reason there's no bail... you don't really need one. Its just one more gadget than can fail when you have a big fish on. When you get used to fishing w/out a bail, you see just how superfluous they really are.
    Hey, to each his own. I have no doubt any of you could outfish me w/ a snoopy combo, lol. Its the fisherman, not the rod and reel that really counts anyway. However, if someone enjoys high end equipment, they should be able to do so with the same respect that someone who fishes ol Mitchells.