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  1. trying to get his name in the news again---maurice WHOOO????? 17 violations and "It's not my fault"?? wish he would just go away and his momma and lawyer too!!

  2. I think he's telling the truth. I played football for SMU after the death penalty. My redshirt freshman year, all freshmen athletes had to take a one hour class at 8:00 AM regarding compliance, why they received the death penalty, how it affected the school, why it will never be done again, etc., etc. Just about everything he's saying, was going on at SMU in the 80's. "The best team money can buy", and I'm talkin' serious, SERIOUS, money, and things. :) I read it at work and a lot of my co-workers feel the same way I do about Clarett but said they believed what he is saying before I even said a word. Problem is, because he lied before, whether for himself or to protect OSU, nobody is gonna trust anything he's saying.
  3. Have you ever wondered how an inner city kid from a poor family is wearing thousands of dollars of jewelry,driving an $80,000 vehicle,and receiving passing grades when he can't even spell his own name? Of course he's telling the truth! It goes on at every university,and always will-unfortunately.
  4. I know it is very easy to not believe things Maurice says because of past history. And that is what we "want" is to not believe him. But I have a feeling that at least some of his stories may be found to be true. How deep it goes is the question. Is the school involved or is it just boosters? Worse yet, are there any coaches involved? I keep hearing everyone say that Tressell would never do anything like that. And all that comes to mind is, I thought the same thing about Jim O'Brien. :rolleyes:

    It just shows me though what kind of character, or lack thereof, that Maurice has. He has nothing to gain from these accusations. He is simply still PO'ed that he got what he deserved last year with a suspension and he is lashing out.
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    How severe will the NCAA fall on the Punkeyes. Also continues to bring up doubts about Tressel's character, as this kid was recruited by him. I remember he rode into OSU waving the "I'm gonna straighten this ship out by getting quality people" flag. And his biggest recruit turns out to be one of the biggest idiots in college sports. I think Mauron has left the NCAA no choice but to step in. Would they go as far as to ban them from bowl games for a year or 2?
  6. I hope they act quickly and take this year since it will probably be a no-name bowl. :D That would let them play next year again for the title. ;)

    It is pretty interesting to see the number of problems that have occurred under Tressel's command. I think I heard something a while back that there have been more problems than when Cooper was there, although I don't know that for sure. It just kind of shows that Cooper was ousted because of his team's performance on the field and not for team character issues as the university would like us to believe.

    We just need to start winning championships again so this will all go away. :D
  7. A lot of people may not remember,or maybe didn't even know about it,but the year OSU won the championship over Miami,Chris Gamble wasn't even eligible to play.This is a fact,the NY Times did an article on that topic and said that even though the NCAA wouldn't strip OSU from the title,the honorable thing for Tressle to do would have been to forfeit the trophy.I wouldn't give it back either,but it just proves that there's something to all this.I've heard of some very shady things that happened under his tenure with YSU also,illegal recruiting and making sure that certain players received passing grades also.I just have a funny feeling that a couple other players,current ones,or ex-players may try to sink his ship also,watch out for a certain tailback that I've heard may have a story to tell.I agree with one of the other posters,I was naive enough to think that O'Brien was squeaky clean also.
  8. Well, based on what I know from a personal friend who knows Maurice Clarett's mother and told me about what Tressel promised Maurice even before he set foot on campus, he is telling the truth. Now, what I am about to say takes nothing away from his stupidity in trying to go to the NFL after a not so solid (in terms of injury) high school career, and one "stinger" infested college season. "Stingers" can be lessened through strenghtening of the shoulder and neck muscles. I had the same problem in high school and it went away in college after my strength coach refused to allow me to use it as an excuse.
    OSU, nor any state school for that matter, will ever get the death penalty as that would be too much revenue lost in a year for the state. They will most likely have some scholarships lost, maybe some bowl games for a few years, and maybe, maybe, some TV time. I say maybe because of how big a cash cow their football program is. Might hurt more than just the state and the university. Anybody remember Greg Hill from Texas A&M/Kansas City who had a summer job in College Station, TX while spending his summer in Dallas, TX? All the big schools do it and everybody, EVERYBODY, is involved. There's no way they can't know about it. How do you think the alumni actually get in touch with the players? Roaming the halls in the dorms? Uh, no, through football functions, and impromptu introductions at the practice facility. There will be more players to come out as well. Eric Dickerson was not the one who busted on SMU. It was actually a high school All-American linebacker from PA with a serious drug problem, which SMU kept under wraps until he had to go to rehab for a third time and they kicked him off the team. Now, I guess I should have told you that SMU offered him 50K as a signing bonus to commit to SMU. Texas Tech offered him 75K. He went to SMU, got the 50K, received a car, as a loaner as they never put it in your name, was put in an apartment, all bills paid, received $500.00/month and his parents received $600.00/month. He was sent to an advisor "on the payroll" who in turn enrolled them in classes with professors "on the payroll". If you were enrolled in one of these type classes, you received a C. If you actually went to class, you received a B. If you attempted your work, you received an A. Well, you take all that away from a drug addict, and he's gonna run to the news station, which is exactly what he did, WFAA-8, if I recall correctly, and sang like a bird. Of course, Eric Dickerson is sitting in the NFL with all the other SMU alum, so, he chimed right in when asked about it. That's what started the investigation and killed the program. They still haven't recovered from it, trying to do it the right way. And let me tell ya, when I was there, those were the best years since the death penalty as far as winning games. My sophomore year, we started the season out 4-1, which our only loss was by a missed field goal in the last few seconds against Tulane. Chip shot, but that's another story. :rolleyes: Second year allowed back on television and bowl games and wouldn't you know, the alumni, and for that matter, just about anyone in Dallas began providing preferential treatment? Doesn't take much to get started again.
    As for he speaking out, I actually look up to him for just that. You would not believe the lies that get told in the media from coaches as well as players to "carry the corporate flag". Anybody in NE Ohio has been experiencing this for the past few years with a guy named Butch in Cleveland. Talk about a real clown. I started out playing under Forrest Gregg at SMU and finished my last four years under Tom Rossley, who is the offencive coordinator for Green Bay now. An even bigger joke, but Brett's gonna retire soon and everybody will find out then. Anyway, I am almost certain to knock ole Tom out if I ever see him again for some things I found out he did while I was trying out for the pros, as well as some of the stuff I didn't say in interviews that, in hindsight, should have been said. Maurice has to try and look out for himself as there are more politics in football than we got blitzed with over the past year or so. Those who don't speak out, don't get heard. When you're talkin' hundreds of thousands of dollars, or, if he's lucky, millions of dollars, you gotta say what's gonna get you there. If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense. All he's trying to do at this point is get a fair shake with an NFL team and get paid, as I don't see him becoming a neurosurgeon anytime soon. Don't blame him for that but at the same time, don't feel sorry for him either. He had other alternatives to trying to jump to the NFL after one year. Only time and maturity will teach him how many millions of dollars in signing bonus that one little selfish, immature, decision is gonna cost him. That's another story in and of itself though and I've typed enough. I will just say that agents tend to be lawyers in order to assist in negotiating contracts. You have ambulance chasers... Larry Johnson had an agent in high school, before UNLV as well as the NBA. I know because the same guy tried to be mine and told me all about it.
  9. This, no doubt, goes on at all major colleges. I was at a press conference the day after the Fiesta Bowl when Tressell was presented with a large diamond football necklace. I can imagine the players on the team wanted to know when they were getting one.
    It's not a fair system, but then again it never will be.
    Still, cheating is cheating and you can't stop trying to eliminate it.
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    well,i'm gonna go on record here and stand up for tressel and ohio state.
    this isn't smu,miami,florida state or any of the others.ohio state has had a good reputation for dealing with these situations when they happen by being up front and honest.
    the car that clarrett was driving had to be reposessed by the dealer because of non-payment.true,he was steered to that dealer but,he was because that dealer had worked with athletes in the past and supposedly gave no "special deals" to any player.and if a monte carlo costs $80,000 these days,then i'm the pope!
    i DO believe though that he probably DID receive money from boosters.that happens alot,no doubt.but,i just don't see how that could be tressels fault.if those kids are told by the coaching staff to not accept money from anyone,then they go ahead and take money,it should be their rear end on the line and not the doesn't take alot of brains to say "no".if it's found that anyone still with the team took money then boot them off the team.there's alot of other kids that would jump at the chance to play by the rules.
    i taught some college classes in the rec ohio u back in the early 80"s and on several occasions i had some athletes in those classes.some of them thought that since they were members of different teams all they had to do was show up for class and sit there.well,when a couple of them found out they were flunking they tried to raise a stink about it.but it didn't get them anything except a lower gpa.
    i think clarrett was lacking good guidance from the adults that were around him BEFORE he ever stepped foot on's really sad too.i think he had a good chance at being one of the best that ever played for osu.
    someone please answer this question for me.
    if what he is claiming is true and is as wide spread through the football program as he says,and is being hidden so well by the coaching staff,how did it end up that he was the only one who was caught and held accountable?
    has everyone forgot about the discipline that tressel has handed out in the past?there's been players booted off the team and suspensions handed out when needed for team rules violations?
    maybe,just maybe,maurice got caught and felt he should have been given special treatment and when he didn't get it he decided to get some revenge.
    those young kids up there are gonna make mistakes,there's no changing that.but when they do they have to know that they'll be held accountable.
    remember,he had his chance to get back on the team and chose not to.
    welcome to life maurice!
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    is jeffmo, is the very last part of your argument, in that punkette was given a chance to come back. After all he did wrong, he could have come back. That shows to me that Tressel is not the coach he tried to bill himself as. So what if he suspends a couple of third string nobodys for team infractions. Big deal. That doesn't mean he is running a tight ship. And since he is running the team, what happens to the team is his fault.

    Now aside from right and wrong, and considering the source of these allegations, the NCAA will do nothing. If this was a little school, the hammer would fall. But not here.
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    The fix for this situation is to pay these guys, legally. The NCAA should come up with a fair stipend amount (like corporations do for their travelling employees) based on where the university is located, and provide the payments. I had to work my way through school, even though much of my education was paid by scholarships. There are many more expenses beyond tuition that are required to live a good life while in college (excluding beer, of course) that these players wouldn't be able to generate money for during the season, between practices, games, travel, and classes. If I was gifted enough to participate in a sport, I wouldn't have had time for it, between my class load and employment.

    This might put all universities on a more even playing field, since the player knows what he or she will be receiving before deciding on the university, instead of looking around for the university that "pays the best".
  13. I think that's just wrong. They are "getting paid"-how much is an all expenses paid tuition, books, food, and dorm at OSU nowadays? Secondly how much do you pay them? Will they go on strike cause its not enough, and/or should the stars get more? Should the water polo team get paid also? How about the bowling team? Next they will become just like pro athletes of today-spoiled rotten brats. I do know for FACT that officials from university's ask employers that are also supporters to hire some of the athletes. I for one didn't give any special treatment to the athlete' I hired. They had to abide by all company policies and get fair pay. At the same time I could imagine that some employers/supporters would give very special treatment. I just think "pay" could become a very big can of worms-bigger than the problem now>
  14. The thing that makes me wonder is the fact that an almost identical situation occured at YSU when Tressle was coaching there.A star quarterback was given a nice vehicle,about $10,000,a tutor(that was like right out of Playboy),passing grades even though he didn't attend classes or do any of the work,and paid to work somewhere even though he didn't.You can look it all up,if you doubt it,there's actually been a book written just recently that tells it all.I really don't feel the university should be held accountable, but I believe Tressle may be in hot water before long.As head coach,he should know at all times what his players are up to,especially the star athlete's.I'm sure that before the Fiesta Bowl,he knew that Chris Gamble wasn't eligible(grades) to play in that game(how could he not know?),yet he still played.I also wasn't surprised that he allowed Bellasari to play in the Michigan game,after he got busted with the DUI.I think Clarett is definitely a jerk that had his hand out,but I also feel that Tressel was willing to fill that hand.