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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by trane, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Fished the maumee for an hour and a half. Caught 7 smallies and a white bass. The water is way down and pretty clear. If you find a nice hole with a little current, you are going to find a bunch of fish. Have fun..

  2. Thanks for the update trane, looks like the wknd is going to be nice, hope to get out and catch some fish. Might take the new-used boat somewhere.

  3. Just got back from the bridge. Spent about 2 hours cauhgt 4 smallies and believe it or not a 17"walleye.
  4. thanks for the report, i'm gonna hit the river up a lot next week if anyone wants to hook up. what did you catch the eye on? i got one once really late into the white bass run around june and was shocked. it even hit my jig when i was retrieveing upstream (very different compared to the normal eye fishing in the river, even if it is late in the spring). i saw some kid catch about a 18-20 inch at the grand rapids dam on a worm in july too.
  5. Thanks trane, the other and I are at odds, truly good time to get wet.
  6. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    Fished the river down by the bend by Walbridge pk. Manage 3 perch in the 6-7" range. WEIRD! We were going for cats, but i wouldn't recommend the spot.
  7. maumeemoon

    maumeemoon Just one more cast...

    Kinda weird catching a perch in the Maumee ain't it? I have only caught a handful out of there over the years. I see small perch in the seine occasionally when we seine for minnows in the Maumee. An older friend of mine, has told me numerous times that when he was young, his brother and himself used to catch them under the old Maumee-Perrysburg bridge in the early sixties fishing from shore, but it was only during certain times of year.
  8. when i did electro shocking of the river with the usgs we had tons of perch about an inch long, no adults or juveniles. You wouldn't believe how many there are in the in the ottawa river and swan creek though. water less than a foot deep and i was pulling out keeper size( for a very slow day on erie) perch. well they would be keeper if they were caught anywhere else, my mercury levels are just fine as they are.