Maumee Walleye run (Alternate Baits)

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  1. Ok, question does anyone throw anything other than lead heads or carolina floating grubs during the run? As far as I can see everyone throws the same thing? Does anyone think there is any value to throwing something else? Or does that give the fish too much credit? I suspect most bites are reactionary instead of feeding, but I was thinking maybe a little chartruese paddle tail swimbait carolina'd or something just to throw something a little different......thoughts? I feel stupid throwing the exact same rig that the 15 guys next to me are.

  2. I hve seen people catch them on tubes in late April. When the water is warm and low, I love to throw a 1/4oz white roadrunner. Lotta WB and walleye

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    If you're not throwing floaters you're leaving fish in the river
  4. Ive had really good luck with these on the river, they have the same kind of hair that are on the hair jigs we use on the lake jigging for them.
  5. This is what I am going to play around with. Thats a nice looking bait, looks like a good jig trailer.

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  6. BT, i tried that middle bait, the shad. I got a few on it. That top one looks like the rear of a senko.?That looks good. Usually when they are in there good , anything works. Im sure im like the rest of you, i have a 100 different colors, but i still only use 3 or 4 of my faithful colors, and i still keep buying more for some reason.
  7. You just never know what may work on any given day. I still carry colors that were "hot" 5 years ago, just in case.
  8. How about a crank bait with the trebles switched out?

    Down on the Big O, I usually catch better quality fish on cranks vs the jig guys.
  9. Crank bait...hmm..I would suggest fishing a spot all by yourself...'cuz once you start casting and retrieving that'll make all kinds of friends with your neighbors who are drifting their rigs....;)


    Sure..I would like to use other stuff...but the fact remains that I lose so much gear in a given season, I can't justify spending any more than I already do for lead, floaters, and tails.

    I agree with the original the beginning of the run the bite is reactionary...towards the end the fish will move around and become more aggressive and really slam it.

    I saw a guy kill the 'eyes last year down there with a slinky rig and some sort of black streamer.
  10. After May 1st, we catch 'em on all kinds of stuff. Little Cleos.Mepps.little crankbaits,small plastic worms, and tiny tails. Before that, you're pretty limited because of the hook rules.
  11. After May 1 I killem on #7 Rapalas,chartruse and blue and white.
  12. any color is good as long it is hot pink