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  1. Having enjoyed (and sometimes not) the run in waders, a couple of us finally got a boat last year that should be a good size to try on the Maumee. This will be the first time I've been up for the run on a boat. Any pointers on how and where (mouth of river or up towards the bridge?) would be much appreciated!
  2. There are free launch ramps in Perrysburg, at Orleans Park and downstream at the foot of Maple Street. You can carry down small boats at the landing below Fort Meigs. There is also an unimproved ramp under the I 475 bridge on the Maumee side.

    As to fishing, in really high water the Orleans Park/White Street stretch is a good bet. In lower water the half mile stretch in front of Fort Meigs is my favoite.

    There are many sources of maps and info on water levels and fishing conditions. Maumee Tackle is a good one, though I can't give you the link right now -- I keep getting an error message.

    As to anchoring in the river, anchor from the BOW ONLY. Use the eye that is down the stem near the water line; do not tie off at gunwhale level. NEVER ANCHOR IN STRONG CURRENT - get off to the side, in slacker water, and cast into the main stream. You'll need a strong rope and a good anchor.

    When setting the anchor, keep the engine running until it is firmly set. When pulling the anchor, start the engine first and be ready to go. Out-of-control drifts in strong current are never a good plan.

  3. just don't hit any of these

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  4. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    I have about a 17 ft boat deep v with a 25 horse mercury.
    Do you all think i can use it at the walleye run, or do i need more horse power?
    What do you all think. Been thinking about taking to maumee. Thanks any input welcomed.:)
  5. I use a 14 foot boat with a 8 HP Merc and feel like I own the river, not much of a speeder up stream but all the control and power needed. When fishing the river from my boat I don't feel the pressure of elbow to elbow fishing but really don't take the amount of fish that I do when standing on shore fishing. I don't care how many I catch anymore as they all go back in the river as no stringer of fish, no problem with the man. The Maple street ramp is deep water so somewhat easy to ramp compared to the shallow water ramps up stream. You don't ramp at the mouth of the river to fish in Perrysburg at Fort Meggs area. With the 17 ft boat you should be out on Turtle reef.
  6. To add to earlier posts, the Maumee has loads of rocks waiting to destroy props and lower units. With larger engines, you can buy a protective cage to prevent this. I think Cabela's has them. On a small engine I used to own, I drilled a couple of holes in the skeg and bolted a piece of steel to it, to extend it down and back, thus giving the prop some pretection. The added piece of steel was easily removeable.

    Also, small engines often have a "lock down" feature, so they won't tilt up when shifted into reverse. In the river, be sure the lock is off, so if you hit a rock the engine will kick up freely.
  7. With your boat, I would use the maple st. ramp. I have a 25 hp also but only use it to load. I use a 9.9 kicker to travel up the river. The shaft dosen't stick down too far and in some places the water is only a couple ft deep. Traveling up from maple street stay to the left bank until you get to Orleans. Then the channel moves out a bit to the middle. Just past Orleans it moves back to the left a bit.
  8. I suggest you go with someone who knows the river first...before you put your expensive rig out there in that mess.

    Fished from a boat down there for a long time. I wouldn't be caught dead with only 8hp behind me.
  9. Not to be argumentative, but I fished the run for many years using 12 and 14 foot aluminum boats and 7.5 to 9.5 hp outboards. I see others doing in all the time -- in fact, such rigs seem to be in the majority. To each his own, I guess.
  10. Jim..

    I'm not trying to argue at all. It just pains me to read things like what was posted about the 8hp motor. Guys read that and the next thing ya' know someone with 7.5hp Honda puts 3 guys in a 14'er thinking..."we'll be alright..."

    I see guys down there all the time in the smallest of boats with the tiniest of motors. They are pretty easy to spot...usually sitting still in the current with their motor at WOT.

    I ran a 14'er w/ a 20hp Merc for several years down there and I can tell ya' that there were many times that I was glad to have those extra ponies under the hood.

    Word to the wise regarding boats and the Maumee....

    If you can't cross to Bluegrass safely to fish the main river side (on foot) then you can forget fishing above Fort Meigs out of a boat.

  11. Have to agree with BFG ... I see people doing crazy stuff down there. One time I saw an adult with a little boy in a 50-buck inflatable fighting heavy, cold current. That ought to be a crime.
  12. How about fishing in Maumee bay toward the end of the run? Sounds a little safer than being a newbie up the river.
  13. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Im just worried about the current of the river.
    Sometimes i have to walk around the island at fort meigs. But other times i can, cross the river at fort meigs. I didnt know if i had a enough poines to go up stream when the current is strong. I was thinking the 25 hp might be enough. But 2 buddies and myself would be in the boat. I take my boat out on erie. Its a deep v. But unsure on the current at maumee.:)
    Just tired of shoulder to shoulder people snagging my line, or if you catch 1, they wanna be your best friend and take your spot.
    The white bass run they have is nice, eithout the crowd. Taking my boat up for that 1 to.:p
  14. Be very careful if you have not been in a boat before. I would STRONGLY suggest using only aluminum boats in this particular river. There are channels deep enough to navigate, but if you don't know where they are, it is very easy to either smash large rocks sticking up to just below the water's surface or end up trashing your prop by running full bore into 2' of water.

    If you want to do it, follow behind some other boaters that have been through that stretch before.
  15. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    thanks for the info. how deep is it there?
    when im up there its usally been a raging river.
  16. Just like every thing else in life, once you do it a few times everything is fine. Learning the river should have been done this summer when the weather and water were warm. I have been traveling up and down the river with that 8 hp in the 14 footer for more years than I care to disclose, I believe I am safer than anyone on the river, boat or shore. In the past few years I have seen boats go down and waders fighting for their lives. Just don't is safe for you.
  17. That my not legal.

    Private property upstream of where the Fort Meigs land ends.
  18. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Thats why im taking my boat up. Not wanting to tangle my line with others. Not walking around the island/Private property.
    Wanting to be legal/safe.
  19. I don't think it's the actual property owner that gets's the crazy azz hillbillies that he employs to keep tabs on it....
  20. can you safely put in say a 19 foot aluminum boat with a 70 hp motor there or is that too big of a boat. Ive seen people with some bigger boats there but never payed too much attention to there size. My Dad would like to go again but he can't stand in the water anymore, but really enjoyed the river fishing. Thanks for any input.