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Maumee vs. Sandusky

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by archman, May 21, 2007.

  1. Thinking about heading west this Friday. It seems like the Sandusky is low, and the fishing is kind of tough. I've never fished the Maumee for white bass. Should I hit the same areas as I do for walleye? (Buttonwood, Bluegrass, Fort Meigs, etc) I might have a newbie with me and would love to get him into some fish.
  2. I prefer Sandusky. Last Wednesday I went to both and we caught more fish at Sandusky. My buddy and I were at Buttonwood and then Fort Meigs. Fort Meigs was really slow so we just went to Sandusky. Button wood is ok but the water is too fast for me. I wanted to go to Maumee because of the chance of a walleye but I didnt get any. There was a guy using minnows and he was killing them. I was throwing a spinner and got at least 30-40. My buddy was throwing jig and grub and got like 10-15. I also caught a lot of smallmouths at Maumee.

    Ive only thrown spinners and they did excellent for me. Im pretty sure I out fished guys at Sandusky who threw minnows and grubs. Even had one guy next to me send out a buddy to buy him a spinner after he saw my killing them.

    I want to go back but gas is killing me.

  3. I'll vote for the Maumee. Better scenery, better fishing, less crowded...better numbers of fish.

    I've fished Fremont twice this over the last two weeks and it was not good. I've fished the Maumee twice over the last two weeks and it was outstanding.

    I think the draw at Fremont is easy access and the lack of a need to buy a pair of waders. In 20+ years of fishing there, I cannot recall ever catching more than 50 in a day.

    We caught 111 in 3.5 hours in the Maumee last Friday. My cousin fished with me, and he has seen well over 300 come into his boat in 4 trips over the last 14 days.
  4. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    Sandusky for u lazy fisherman (Like me... i sit on rock when i wade-lol)
    anyway if u no wat ur doin u can catch jus as many as u can at the maumee without waders.The maume is good though b/c u do hav that slight chance 2 catch a walleye. :)
  5. Man....did Starcraft reveal the top secret method to catching white bass to you???

    No way the Sandusky has as many fish....nope..but my Dad did catch two walleyes at Roger Young last year over Memorial Day weekend.

    I'm stickin' with the Maumee. Glad to hear you are into the fish, but from my experience this, and other years...combined with nearly daily reports from several friends that fish the Sandusky a lot this time of is just not the same. You are reporting catches of 50+ fish per day...almost every day for the last couple weeks...and the two times I was there (which in fact was very close to the times you were posting the big catches) I saw probably 8 guys that had more than 10 fish on a stringer. The one bait shop in town that I called answers the phone..."White bass capital of the world!!!" ...and then proceeds to tell me that "everyone is walkin' out with stringers full...females too...."


    Not calling you out...but your reports are different than what I've seen and been told. I do appreciate your willingness to answer my PM when my Dad came up. We didn't catch jack between the three of us in 5 hours, but I appreciated the response.

    Maybe if I fished with a minnow and a bobber at Fremont I would catch more. I have not the time, nor patience for that.

    Sorry...rant over, but I like to think I know what I'm doin'...
  6. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    I have not fished the Sandusky, but from what I've read, it seems that all the fishing is pretty much concentrated in one area versus the Maumee, where you can fish pretty much anywhere. What I mean by anywhere, is litterally anywhere from Maumee to Grand Rapids, and catch fish. I will give you a Maumee fishing report since I've been out there the last two days fishing and collecting garbage. The river clarity is pushing 12"+ , the level is around 579, and wade fishermen can really cover some ground. Good numbers of white bass are being caught, with catch rates of about 1 every couple of casts. Yesterday I saw people catching from shore, wading, and from boats. Get out and fish!
  7. I really do believe that Sandusky is much better. It seems as if you HAVE to wade at Maumee but then again maybe I dont know how to fish. I have killed them at Sandusky and Maumee but Sandusky just seemed to have the numbers for me and the size are MUCH bigger than Maumee. I honestly feel that it all depends on what you are using. I outfished my buddy and he was throwing jig and grub. We fished at Sandusky and he caught 7 while I had at least 30. Two other guys I fished with also said the same thing as me. We all went from Maumee to Sandusky because Maumee simply wasnt that good.

    I have had family members come up and only end up with 3 at Sandusky so I dont know. Maybe I fished the good days?
  8. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    :D Ill take the maumee anyday. Fremont was a waste for me and my buddies, But at maumee we are cleaning up. Going there saturday.
  9. If you fish the Maumee, I'd suggest the dam at Grand Rapids. That's where I'll be on Sunday. Friends reporting 80-100 white bass in a couple hours on 1/8oz road runners the other day.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. I've been to the Maumee maybe 20 times, but I've never been to the dam at Grand Rapids. Could someone give me directions from Cleveland (PM preferred).
  11. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Where is the dam/gran rapids located from perrysburg?
  12. Due west on S.R. 24, on the Maumee side. It is I'm guessing about 15 miles. There is Providence metropark acess on the north side of the river.
  13. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    This website may help you find anything you need, from a b&t store to public access. The maps are interactive so you can move them, but be sure to also check the maumee river run on the right column.