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  1. Hit a little run just a bit east of Maumee River and it was on all day. Landed 9out of about 11 hookups and lost a double digit fish to a snag in a few hours. It has been slow around here but I think I figured out a pattern for this place or at least seemed like it today.

    Liked the colors on this one, camera dont do it justice. <grin>

  2. forgot to add, most came on spawn and the one i lost snapped 20lb brad line, gives you an idea...

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    That's definately a banner day on a non stocker but I have to ask... why were you using 20# braided line for steelie fishing? and how the heck did it snap your line? ::confused::
  4. "why were you using 20# braided line for steelie fishing?"

    for the same reason I use it for everything else from walleyes to lunker bass, there is nothing better. Line diameter remains tiny, stretch is nonexistent, zero memory and sensitivity in renowned. Admittedly I fish a bit different than most with very light power rods (ul to ml), a tuned baitcating reel which allows me to lean on fish HARD. I tie a FC leader to braid main line and depending on conditions scale up or down, from 4lb to 17lb. When water is heavily stained like yesterday 12lb FC (17lb breaking strength) leader is an acceptable tradeoff.

    After landing the 3rd or 4th one I got a nice hit, and right off the bat the fish peeled about 50' worth of line, made a U and headed straight for me, this continued for about 3 minutes after which she rolled on the surface and decided to make a dash for some brush piles, I couldn&#8217;t turn her even with 20lb main line and luck would have it she got tangled up someplace, after a few more minutes I felt one more headshake and here comes my line broken at the knot. The spot I found was stacked with fish and they were fresh chrome and hungry, I downsize to 10lb braid and 6lb leader when fishing V or Rocky as that fish is spookier.

    A video is worth a thousand words.
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    Very interesting informative response, thank you. Just might have to try it.

    That video was great, I don't see that happening on my 6# flouro! ;)
  6. Much to be said about long light power rods and braid; I prefer 4-8lb rated rods as they are a million times more fun than heavier ones. 9'6" Loomis rated down to 1/32oz is magic on the water and I am starting to dig the new Croix avid in ML configuration. Huge improvement with IPC added as I never liked older avids for lack of feel. Less is often more and weight is often everything.

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    Just curious as to what you use the binoculars for when steelie fishing.
  8. I much prefer full size 10x40 Zeiss/Leica when packing but rock the baby 10x25 leicas while fishing/scouting due to size/weight ratio. Its not uncommon to hike many miles looking for good water and maybe spot some game in between, when allowed/in season I sling a rifle over the shoulder as not to miss any opportunities. Unfortunately that mostly happens in remote private property places as Ohio has very limited access. There is simply NO replacement for GOOD glass.
  9. Hiked over 20 miles last week and came out with nothing, i need to get out east more but have limited contacts over there.
  10. good glass helps spot a lot of cool ****, i counted about 30 give or take, a lot of deer jerky. Pic sucks as it was getting dark and no camera with me.

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  11. I really appreciate the photos. I saw over a dozen deer this weekend in SW Ohio this weekend, but I didn't take any photos. I saw a hen turkey too right next to the road.

    I had to smile at your equipment. With the exception of the bait caster, we use similar gear. I use 10lb braided as backing with 4 lb green P-Line for a leader. I even use gladware for skein and egg sacs. Thanks for sharing!
  12. ya know i might just be a local guy who knows the eastern tribs ;) . drop me a line if you ever want to fish the west side cleveland tribs. small window now though because most of the fish will be up on gravel and next to impossible to "catch" without a fly rod
  13. Duckdude82, better be hitting the Maumee, just got back home with a limit and released about 7 others incuding a chunky 8lb hen. Ill drop you a PM.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Oh yeah, i can dance a spawn skin in their face forever with a baitcaster like a centerpin, shallow dont spook me :)